Nomatic Travel Bag Review 2019 – The Best Bag For Digital Nomads?

Nomatic Travel Bag Review Best Digital Nomad Backpack

Nomatic Travel Bag Review Best Digital Nomad Backpack

Finding the best digital nomad backpack isn’t easy.

And trust me. As a full time nomad I’ve tested quite a few of them.

First, you need a product that’s been designed for hardcore traveling. Yet stylish enough so you don’t look like another backpacker bum.

Second, most packs are not designed for the sheer amount of gadgets a geeky nomad needs. Eventually, your backpack will look like a rat’s nest of cables mixed in with dirty, stinky clothes.


Unfortunately, most luggage is not built for the nomadic lifestyle. Most will not survive the constant traveling and adventure, and will break after a year or less.

Luckily, I do believe I’ve found the best digital nomad backpack. So let’s dive right into my Nomatic travel bag review:

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Who Is Nomatic?

Most travelers and digital nomads have probably never heard of Nomatic. Not surprisingly, since they are a relative new company and not yet a big name in the nomadic sphere.

Furthermore, their products can’t be found in many places. For instance, you won’t find them at brick and mortar stores such as Walmart, REI or Target. As of today you can only purchase them from their online store.

But that’s exactly what makes their products so unique. I like to say that Nomatic makes some of the best travel luggage you never heard of!

What I love About The Nomatic Travel Bag

When you are looking for the best nomadic backpack, the Nomatic travel bag should be your first choice. Here’s why:

Stylish Design

When you first lay your eyes on this nomadic bag you’ll notice it’s sleek and minimalist design. Part of this is intentional. You DON’T want people to think you have valuable items in your bag.

Trust me. As someone who’s been on the road for many years, I know the importance of blending in!

But even with a minimalist design, this product is still very stylish and thoughtfully laid out. Everything from it’s unique style, quality of the fabric, craftsmanship to the feel of the texture. You can just see this product’s been built from the ground up with quality and functionality in mind.

Very Versatile

By combining the best features from a backpack, duffel bag and general luggage, Nomatic has created the ultimate luggage that can be used for both client meetings and beach chilling.

First, let me tell you I am a big fan of the ergonomically designed handles. Those enables you to use it both as duffel bag and backpack. And, when you don’t need the handles anymore, they are conveniently retracted and locked in place. No more dangling straps!

Moreover, it’s equipped with a roller bag sleeve that attaches onto your suitcase handle. Hence you don’t need to carry it around on your back. And, important travel items like passport, chargers etc are still easily available.

Finally, the Nomatic travel bag fits all airlines carry on requirements (21″ x 14″ x 9″), so no need to check your luggage ever again!

20+ Features

Furthermore, the Nomatic travel bag is jam packed with cool features. Over 20 to be exact. This makes the Nomatic travel bag one of the most functional nomadic bags I’ve ever seen.

One of my favorite is the main compartment that has a large opening which opens up like a suitcase. And it’s actually on the reverse side, so nobody can open it while you’re wearing it! In addition, there are multiple waterproof compartments, an RFID safe pocket as well as lockable zipped panels. All in all, this nomad bag has over 20 pockets!

Here are just a few of the features that you get with the Nomatic travel bag:

  • Large opening for easy packing
  • Accommodates one week of clothing
  • TSA compliant laptop and tablet pocket
  • Hidden RFID protected pocket
  • Protective glasses pocket
  • Separate shoe compartment
  • Waterproof water bottle pocket
  • Separate laundry bag
  • Underwear compartment
  • Holes for cable pass through
  • Sternum strap
  • Roller bag sleeve
  • Detachable waist straps

Nomatic Travel Bag Review Best Digital Nomad Backpack

Nomatic Travel Bag Review Best Digital Nomad Backpack

Nomatic Travel Bag Review Best Digital Nomad Backpack

Strong Durability

Besides being jam packed with incredible features, the Nomatic backpack is made of strong weather-proof materials and is built to last. I’ve used the bag in rain and snow, and it has always kept the interior and it’s content dry.

In addition, I’ve brought it along on countless flights, jungle hikes and city trips. And so far I don’t see any signs of wear and tear. Neither on the inside or outside.


Great Price

Pricing starts at $229. In addition, there are two other packages that comes with more accessories: one is selling for $279 and then there’s a premium package selling for $449.

Honestly, the Nomatic travel bag isn’t super cheap, but it’s not ridiculously overpriced either. For instance some competitors, like Cotopaxi and Patagonia, sell products for roughly the same prices, but those have much less features than the Nomatic bag.

On top of all that Nomatic offers free shipping in the US!

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Excellent Warranty

Nomatic is so confident in the quality of this product, that if you’re not 100% satisfied with its quality, simply send it back, and they will give you your money back. No questions asked!

What other travel product can match this kind of warranty?!

Nomatic Travel Bag Review Best Digital Nomad Backpack

Nomatic Travel Bag Review: The Negatives

Honestly, I don’t have a lot of bad things to say about the Nomatic backpack. I like my bag a lot. However I did notice a couple of annoying things:

Only One Color

As I mentioned above, I like the fact it blends in well and doesn’t stick out too much. However, it wouldn’t hurt with a couple of more color choices. For example blue or brown.

Still, this is a minor complaint. I am very happy with the color. However, some people may be looking for something a bit more colorful.

Doesn’t Fit Large Laptops

This could potentially be a bigger issue. Especially for nomads with larger laptops. Personally, I own a 15.6″ Asus and it just fit inside the laptop pocket. And I don’t think larger laptops will fit at all. You could potentially store larger laptops in the main compartment, or have a separate carrying case for it.

But most nomads I know have smaller laptops. So this may not be an issue at all.

Nomatic Travel Bag Review: The Best Digital Nomad Backpack I Have Found!

If you plan to hit the road soon, you can’t go wrong with this product. This truly is the best digital nomad backpack on the market, and I cannot recommend the Nomatic travel pack enough.

You won’t regret traveling around with this stylish and functional backpack.

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Click here to get your Nomatic Travel Bag today!




  1. Man that juicy discount code made me pull the trigger, and I just received my bag.

    Looks lovely!

    Can’t say much about it so far, but I’ll post an update here after I have used it for a while.


    PS: Thanks for the review and discount codes!

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