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Hey I’m Andy and I’m a digital nomad.

In plain English that means I work online, and as long as I have my laptop and good internet connectivity I can work from anywhere in the world.

Sounds pretty awesome right? Well my life wasn’t always like this.

For many years I was a corporate drone in Silicon Valley.  I drove a shiny new Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertible and owned a condo in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in San Francisco.

But did all this material wealth make me happy? Well to some extent it did but one critical piece was missing.

That missing piece was freedom.

The freedom to choose where I work.
The freedom to choose when I work.
The freedom to choose how I work.

So back in 2013 I left corporate America to build my own dream.  Far away from micro-managing bosses and useless meetings.

Let me tell you it wasn’t easy at first, but after the initial baby steps it worked out great.  And when I look back now, I can honestly say I’ve grown as a man and built up my self-confidence. In addition I’ve met many great friends along the way.

So what about this blog? Well here I plan to write about topics that interest me, which primarily are travel, fitness and investing. And I’ll add new content at least once per week so check back often.

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