How To Meet Hot Thai Girls With ThaiCupid! – Complete 2018 Guide

How to Find Hot Thai Girls On ThaiCupid

If you ever used online dating in United States or Europe, ThaiCupid will be a pleasant surprise. All the girls who are using the site are looking to meet a white guy, and you will receive at least 5 messages per day from hot Thai girls. No matter if your goal is to get laid on your vacation, or finding a long term partner, ThaiCupid will have plenty of Thai girls to choose from!

But despite the easiness there are plenty of pitfalls. Many mistakes are due to cultural differences but a lot of men make critical mistakes when they use the site. For example using a subpar profile photo or sending wrong opening messages.

Therefore I have created this helpful guide how to use Thai Cupid to it’s fullest potential, while avoiding all the pitfalls. In my guide I will teach you the following:

  • How to register an account on Thai Cupid
  • Create an attractive and interesting profile
  • Choose photos that will make her fall in love
  • What messages have high response rates
  • How to minimize the risks
  • And much more!

Are you ready to meet your Thai beauty? Let’s dive right in!

How to Find Hot Thai Girls On ThaiCupid

#1: Registration

Joining Thai Cupid is easy and can be done in minutes. Browse to their frontpage and enter either your e-mail address or Facebook in the registration form on the left side. Then hit the “View Singles Now” button.

Now you’re ready to start talking to thousands of hot Thai girls!

How to Find Hot Thai Girls On ThaiCupid
Register on ThaiCupid and start talking to hot Thai girls today!

First, I recommend to add a bit more information to your profile. The more details you add, the better job Thai Cupid will do matching you with the right girls. At the very least make sure you have included a short description, your age and location.

Your profile photo is the most important part of your profile. It’ll be the first thing (and sometimes the only thing) the Thai girl will look at. A great photo could be the difference between a reply or no reply at all. Choose a profile photo where you wear some good clothing, for example a shirt or a suit.

In addition, add a few more photos where you’re doing something interesting, for example sports, traveling etc. Make the photos tell a story of you. A story where you are a successful and interesting guy!

How to Find Hot Thai Girls On ThaiCupid

#2: Search

The search form is where you enter your search criteria. I recommend to limit your searches to Thai women living close to where you are staying, for example within 50 kilometers of Bangkok. In addition, filter out Thai girls who are not active on the site. I prefer their last activity to be 1 month or better. Finally, if you wish to add more criteria, click on Advanced Search. Here you can also save your search queries for future use.

How to Find Hot Thai Girls On ThaiCupid
ThaiCupid Search Form

Another handy feature is Members Online where you can see all the hot Thai girls who are currently online. I find this very useful, because you can launch a chat session with those girls, making the interaction instant.

In addition, there’s a feature called Matches where you can see the girls that Thai Cupid believes will be a good match for you.

After you have submitted your search, you are presented with the result. As you can see, there are 5 different options for interacting with the Thai girls: check out her profile, send her a message, show interest, add her to your favorites or start a chat session.

If I find the Thai girl attractive and interesting, I send her an interest followed by a short message.

#3: Conversation

To be able to send messages to all the Thai women you need to upgrade your account. In my opinion it’s well worth the money. A premium subscription cost the same as a few drinks in a random bar, and it’s a no-brainer considering the staggering amount of hot Thai girls you get access to.

First and foremost, your first message doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Just make sure it doesn’t look like a mass mail message. Read her profile and come up with a good question or a compliment, and make sure to include her name. If you appear to be a normal, sane guy, plus have a good profile photo, your chances for a reply will be as high as 80 to 90%.

I usually just write: Hi [name]. I am Andy from San Francisco. How are you?

Keep in mind that it’s different to talk with a Thai girl compared to a western girl. Popular western “game theories” won’t yield good results here, for instance negging, being cocky, dark triad etc. Those things make you appear strange and arrogant, and may scare away the good Thai women. Instead just appear like a normal guy. She on the other hand will look for signs that you will be a good family man, and she may ask questions about your family, how long you are visiting Thailand etc.

Never ever discuss money. That includes questions about your salary, hinting that she needs new clothes or have a relative who need expensive medical care. If those topics come up, tread with caution. It could be a sign that she has other intentions with your relationship.

#4: Meeting

When you exchanged a few messages, suggest to meet for a coffee or a drink after you arrived. If the answer is no, just move on. There are many other hot Thai girls on Thaicupid, so no need to get attached to a time waster.

If you followed all the steps in my guide, you will have at least 5 dates scheduled before your arrival.

Good luck!

Other Questions:

Do I need to verify my ThaiCupid profile? Not necessarily. But if you do, a “trust badge” will show up on your profile, hence more girls may reply to your messages.

What if I live abroad and have no plans to visit Thailand? I would still try Thai Cupid. Many hot Thai girls want to meet men living in western countries, and a majority are willing to relocate. You can filter out the girls who are willing to relocate in the Advanced Search form.

Sign up for free and start talking with hot Thai girls today!

How to Find Hot Thai Girls On ThaiCupid


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