5 Great Portable Exercise Equipment for Those On The Road A lot

Portable Exercise Equipment

Portable Exercise Equipment

Travelling is great way to experience and see the world. Whether you’re traveling for work or for fun, you make memories that last a lifetime.

And in addition to traveling a lot, people today are also trying to live healthy, which means eating right, cutting out unhealthy habits and exercising. But when we’re traveling we usually neglect this healthy life. Mostly because we might not stay at one particular location for an extended period of time. Hence we might not know where to find a good gym or where it’s safe to go running. And most travelers also pack light, and cannot carry a whole lot of heavy exercise equipment.

So if your business or vacation trips have been distracting you from your goal of keeping fit, chances are you may be eager to find a solution to your hotel gym workout, especially if you don’t intend to be “a slacker”.

The good news is that technology has improved on every aspects of human life and has solved many of our challenges. And now there are a collection of equipment suitable for hotel workouts like foldable bikes, Athletic Tape, jump ropes and more. These portable exercise equipment was invented to fit or cater to various people and their lifestyles, which includes the frequent trailblazing travelers like you.

So let’s look at the 5 best portable exercise equipment for people constantly on the road.

Let’s dive right in!


Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

portable exercise equipmentYoga is a wonderful workout technique. It improves flexibility, improves your body balance and helps to relax your muscle. Yoga also helps to find mental balance and wellness which is very important for travelers.

If you are into yoga and you are travelling, your hotel room carpet or floor is definitely not ideal for your yoga exercise. This is why the Jade Yoga Mat is especially perfect for your hotel gym workout because its ultra slim design makes it very easy to pack in your bag and carry with you. It is made from all natural rubber, therefore very safe and comfortable for your body and skin.

portable exercise equipment


Crossrope Jump Rope Set

portable exercise equipmentSkipping is a great way to burn the extra calories and weight you are accumulating from possibly not eating right when you are on the road. Skipping is perfect for cardiovascular workouts as it gets your heart pumping, increases your blood flow and builds your muscles and endurance. Crossrope Jump Rope Set is very easy to pack into your travelling bag.

The set contains various rope weights as it has an interchangeable weight jump rope system which makes for a perfect way to regulate your workout and deliver your intended results. It has a well designed handle to give you a comfortable grip. And this travel workout equipment makes it possible to even exercise in your hotel room provided it is a bit spacious.

You can shop and find out more about this portable gym equipment on Amazon. Jump roping can be really fun and effective for exercise, but remember to be careful not to get complaints from the room below you (wink).

portable exercise equipment


Topo Athletic Tribute Running Shoes

portable exercise equipmentIf you are constantly traveling to a familiar location, chances are you might want to go running. But most sneakers are not easy to pack and are bit bulky which is definitely a challenge for travelers. But don’t worry Topo Athletic Tribute Running Shoes are perfectly designed and invented to take care of this problem.

The shoe is super light which not only makes it easy to carry around but also gives a more natural running experience. It can also completely flatten without losing shape or getting ruined. This makes it really easy to fit into whatever free space you have in your bag.

Furthermore, it has great cushioning for your feet making it very comfortable to wear. And they are also very trendy and come in various colors.

portable exercise equipment


PharMeDoc Ab Roller Wheel

portable exercise equipmentTrying to retain your rock hard abs and staying sexy and fit while on the road could be really tricky. And this might require you to try some crude methods to achieve this goal.

The Ab roller wheel is a very effective equipment designed to help you build your abdominal muscles. But conventional ab rollers are very heavy and bulky to carry with you when packing for a journey.

PharMeDoc Ab Roller wheel is a great solution to you hotel gym workout problem because it’s way lighter and portable which makes it easier to travel with. Moreover, it is very durable and doesn’t cause challenges using it on various types of floors. It is also very budget friendly, so working out and staying fit does not have to put a hole in your pocket.

portable exercise equipment


Pro-Tec Hollow Foam Roller

portable exercise equipmentWhether you travel in a plane, on a bus or even a train, long distance traveling could take a toll on your body. You’re either cramped in a smaller space or sitting for very long periods of time.

Foam rolling is a self-massaging technique, also known as self-myofascial release. It could help your muscles recover from tightness, relieve back pain or even reduce the effects of jet lag.

There are a lot foam rollers out there but Pro-Tec Hollow Foam Roller is ideal for travelers because; although it’s a bit bulky, it’s incredibly light and the hollow design makes it perfect to pack your clothes in and around it. Ensuring you make the most out of the space available. Foam rolling is not just effective for recuperating your muscles but also useful for your hotel workouts.

portable exercise equipment


Portable Exercise Equipment – Final Thoughts

There are many more portable workout equipment out there that will help you keep your body and mind sharp while on the road. You can shop and discover more hotel gym workout equipment on Amazon and other online stores.

Do keep in mind that when purchasing portable exercise equipment, the main points of focus should be comfort, safety, and cutting down on weight.

And the longer I travel the lighter my bag gets. These days, I look for ways to cut down on weight by any means possible. It makes travel days a lot less stressful.

With that, I wish you all the best on your travels, and I hope my portable exercise equipment list set enhances your journey, and your hotel gym workout routine!


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