The Art of Seducing Japanese Women (Plus my JapanCupid Review)

The Art of Seducing Japanese Women (Plus my JapanCupid Review)

Japan has had a reputation for its unique traditions and distinctive culture. As an island nation, with an extended history of segregation, many aspects of the country’s culture developed without outside influence. However, there are a few reasons that make Japan one of the most unique nations around the globe. Shinto which is considered to be the native religion is an aspect of the country’s culture that makes it unique. And while most people in the country might not be as religious, Shinto traditions and festivals are an important part of their every day’s life.

Japan’s exemplary service industry also makes the country unique. It has set the global standards with people in the service industry being considered the most courteous and disciplined around the world. Kimono which refers to the traditional fashion is another aspect of the Japanese culture that sets it apart. Many people still enjoy wearing traditional clothes for important occasions such as festivals and weddings. Other aspects of Japan’s culture that sets it apart include;

  • The Japanese cuisine – Sushi, miso, edamame, among others.
  • Sumo wrestling
  • Children are taught at a young age to bow, when saying thank you, or asking for forgiveness
  • Kawaii culture
  • The tea ceremony

Japan’s beautiful women are another reason, and maybe the main reason why you should plan a trip to the East-Asian Island. The country has a diverse selection of hot women across major cities who are looking to meet foreign men. And while is not quite the same as in Philippines and Thailand where almost every girl is looking for a foreigner, trust me, there’s a great number of Japanese beauties that are yearning for a foreigner like you.

Japanese women place a lot of value on their physical appearance. Girls here want to be slender, lavish, and elegant. However, Japanese women do not wear revealing clothes, and their makeup isn’t heavy at all. They have cute innocent faces and are very polite. There’s nothing not to like about those sexy Japanese women. Is there?

Japanese women are a spectacle you wouldn’t mind waking up to. They charm everyone around, and with a lot of men wanting to date these women, it is only fair if we look into what these girls are like.

So, what are some of the unique characteristics and traits that you’ll find in a typical sexy Japanese woman?

  • Japanese girls are tolerant and free. Generally, Japanese people are slowly becoming more open over the years. Japanese women, specifically, are now willing to date foreign men and assimilate the foreigner’s culture into theirs. The women are adventurous and open to trying new foods, new cultures, and travel to new environments.
  • They are very kind and polite. Young Japanese girls are considered to be more compassionate as compared to Western girls. They carefully choose their words because hurting your feeling is the last thing they want. Japan girls are extremely nice, and with a lot of things being considered rude in the country, everyone is taught not to do these things as they might end up making the other person uncomfortable.
  • Japanese women are very punctual. Unlike western women who are known to be unapologetically late, cute Japanese girls are very mindful of their time and always arrive on time. So, if you plan a date with a beautiful Japanese woman, expect her to be there on time. And while women are known to take more time getting ready, Japan women don’t want to waste your precious time.
  • They are Independent. Whether in college or at work, Tokyo girls are always looking for a part-time job to sustain themselves. So, expect your Japanese girlfriend to be independent and busy with their work
  • They are dedicated. If a Japanese woman is in love, she will always go out of her way to make you feel important. She will do anything to show compassion including cleaning, cooking, among other things.

What If You Are Not in Japan?

The Art of Seducing Japanese Women (Plus my JapanCupid Review)Who said you must be in Japan to enjoy these hot Japanese women?

I love travelling and I’m especially excited every time I go to Japan, which is my fathers home country. Before my first visit I had read so much about how the country has a unique culture and numerous attractions that sets it apart. In addition, I was so happy to visit the country to meet the women who are described as polite, dedicated, and very kind. I also have friends who have visited the country and who talk highly of Japan.

During my first trip to Japan, I spent the first day in the house trying to figure out where to go and where to get hot Japanese women. And if you know me, Google is my friend. So, I googled how to woo a Japanese woman and ‘accidentally’ ran into JapanCupid. In the beginning I had little faith in the site, but I ringed a friend who is a frequent visitor of Japan who assured me the site was legit and he always used it when he was in the country. I also looked up at some of the japan cupid reviews, before proceeding to sign up.

I have a few pointers for you both from my experience and the information from my friends about the Japanese dating scene. And while my first time was hectic, the second time was a bliss. I was more conversant with what the girls like and getting hot Japanese women was easy.

For the second trip, I started talking to the girls around 2 weeks before the trip. I couldn’t help but appreciate how JapanCupid made it so seamless to talk to multiple sexy Japanese girls, and plan the dates from the comfort of my own home.

Only a small number of Japanese girls speak English. This and the fact that the Japanese are quite reserved in public makes it close to impossible for a foreigner to serenade a cute Japanese girl on the street and win her over. And with nigh club prices across the country’s major cities being very high, the JapanCupid remains your most reliable and cost-effective option.

And because I don’t want you to make the same rookie mistakes like I did, I have written this guide, highlighting the common mistakes people make and how to avoid them. There are tens of thousands of hot Japanese women on the site looking to get a foreign man and considering the language barrier you are likely to encounter in the streets and in the clubs; JapanCupid is the way to go.

This guide will detail everything there is to know about meeting and dating Japanese women. Utilizing the JapanCupid, we’ll look into how to use the site to meet hot girls. I’ll also shed light on Japanese dating customs, before wrapping up with helpful tips for marrying and living with a Japanese woman.

So, without further introductions, let’s get right into it!

My JapanCupid Review

The Art of Seducing Japanese Women (Plus my JapanCupid Review)Started in 2005, JapanCupid is run by the renowned Cupid Media Limited, a network that manages over 30 reputable niche dating sites. Being the largest Japanese dating site, there are thousands of Japanese singles signing up every day in search of someone like you. Whether you are looking for a one-time date or a life-long partner, find them in a secure environment on JapanCupid.

The JapanCupid has a rich collection of hot Japanese girls from all over the country making it the best online dating company in the country. Cupid Media is known for being vigilant about stopping scammers and suspending fake profiles. And the company has invested in robust SSL encryption to enhance the site’s safety and safeguard the clients’ information and interaction on the site.

And while there are many Japanese dating sites running on the internet, you will stumble upon multiple sites with flashy captions and promising heaven on earth. These sites will entice you into signing up with catchy pop-up messages only ask you for insane amounts of money to match you with hot girls. Luckily, with me, you don’t have to play trial and error; I have gathered everything you need to know to help you to not only avoid being scammed but also make sure you get value for your money.

There’s nothing as disheartening as spending minutes after minutes filling up profiles, paying for membership, messaging ‘girls’, and waiting for responses only to find out the whole thing is a scam. More and more people are becoming victims of this form of internet fraud, but you don’t have to be part of it. Your boy, Andy got you!

Girls on Japan Cupid range from young university students to mature working-class women, and anything in between. With this diverse selection, you can be sure you will get the perfect Japanese woman; one that matches your taste and preference. And although the Japanese culture is seen to be conservative, Japanese girls are becoming more open and tolerant by day. A Japanese beauty is dedicated, polite, kind, respectful, and make great wives.

The only negative thing about Japan Cupid is the mandatory membership fee that you must pay. Once, you sign up on the site, you can search for beautiful Japanese women and check out their profiles. However, you can only be able to message the girls once you’ve upgraded your membership to either Gold or Platinum. And while some find this to be a hurdle, personally, I see it as an ideal way of wading off jokers from the site.

Depending on how long in advance you make the payment, the membership will cost you between $6-20. This is way less than what getting a hooker for a few minutes in one of the major cities of the country will cost you. For the price of a few drinks in your favorite bar, you’ll be able to get a premium membership for a whole month where you will be swimming in a pool full of sexy Japanese women. Quite a package deal. Don’t you think?

Pro Tip; The premium subscription is automatically renewed after expiry. Ensure you opt out auto renewal if you don’t want it.

Save Time and Money with Japan Cupid

From my experience, I’ll go for JapanCupid any day of the week. Apart from being run by one of the best online dating companies, the site promises you a pool of beautiful Japanese women who are looking for somebody like you. So, don’t waste your hard earned dollars on subpar sites that are only after your money; go with the best!

There are two categories of premium subscriptions; Gold and Platinum. Here are the different perks available under the two categories;

Basic Matching
Show Interest
Communicate with Paying Members
Communicate with all Members
Live Chat with Instant Messenger
Send and Receive Messages
No ads
Hide your Profile and Browse Anonymously
Rank Above other Members
Double your Profile Space
VIP Profile Highlighting
Exclusive Search Features
Advanced Matching Algorithms
Translate Messages into your Language

Here are the advantages of using the Japan Cupid;

  • The largest Japanese online dating site
  • Easy to filter searches by several criteria
  • Instantly translate messages
  • The site has a user-friendly, easy to use interface
  • Hundreds of success stories

The disadvantages include;

  • Upgrading membership is mandatory
  • Many girls don’t speak English (Pro Tip: use Google translate)

How to Use Japan Cupid to Meet Japanese Women

Apart from being the largest Japanese dating site, Japan Cupid is the most popular of them all with thousands of sexy Japanese girls registering on the site every day. The site is easy to use and guarantees users maximum security. And while there are hundreds of success stories, it’s not uncommon to meet men who were not successful on the site. This happens quite often and can be attributed to such factors as sending derogatory messages, using low-quality photos, among others.

So, to enhance your possibility for success, I have drafted this guide. Key areas that I’ll touch on include the following;

  • How to create an account on Japan Cupid
  • Putting up a likeable and attractive profile
  • Selecting the best photos to back your profile
  • Curating the perfect first message that guarantees a positive response
  • Minimizing the risks

Registering an Account on Japan Cupid

The Art of Seducing Japanese Women (Plus my JapanCupid Review)

If you’re planning to head over to Japan, I’d recommend you register on the site about 2 weeks before arriving. Signing up two weeks before arriving in Japan gives you ample time to message a few girls, and plan a number of dates depending on how long you intend to stay over.

Signing up on JapanCupid is extremely easy and normally takes as little as 2 minutes. You can use your email or Facebook to sign up, a process as easy as 123. As soon as you hit the ‘View Singles Now’ button, you get to experience a pool of hot Japanese girls.

To start with, ensure you put up an appealing profile picture and a few other alluring photos of yourself on the profile. Jot down a mini-biography, and make sure you fill every bit of the profile. The more your profile is complete, the better.

Your Profile Photo; In online dating, you are as good as your profile photo. Most girls stop at the profile picture and will not bother checking your profile. So, make sure you put up your best photo as your profile picture. Put a captivating photo that will spark an interest and make the girls on the site want to know more about you. I’d advise you wear your best outfit, preferably a well-fitted one that compliments your personality.

Remember to upload a couple more photos of yourself. Make sure that the additional photos depict what you like in life. You could be hiking, mountaineering, or taking part in a sporting event. The photos should tell a story about your day to day life. You don’t want to put out a boring life. Do you?

Searching for Japanese Women

The Art of Seducing Japanese Women (Plus my JapanCupid Review)Before we go into the dynamics of searching a hot Japanese girl on the site, make sure you curate your search criteria to focus on girls living close to where you’ll be staying. You don’t want to drive for hours in a foreign country just to meet a lady from the site. Do you? You can also filter your search criteria based on the age, height, eye color, among others using the Advanced Search Menu. Japan Cupid also has the Members Online icon that features all the members who are online at a given time. You can thus be able to message a Japanese woman and get an instant reply. And the Matches section features a list of hot Japanese girls who the site believes will be a great match for you.

Once you get the search results, you can choose to View her Profile, send a Message, Show Interest, or Add to Favorites.

Pro Tip; Remember to save your search results; you can do that in the Advanced Search Menu.

Useful Conversation Tips

The Art of Seducing Japanese Women (Plus my JapanCupid Review)Whether in real life or on a dating site, starting a conversation is a major step in wooing that sexy Japanese girl over. In fact, your success will depend on the creativity and wittiness employed when initiating the conversation. So, how do you go about curating a captivating first message and maintaining an enjoyable conversation with the Japanese girl?

Most importantly, take time and go through her profile, carefully fishing any interesting thing(s) you can use to start a conversation. Do you have something in common? Tell her you enjoy it and build a conversation from there. You can also pick on her profile picture, interests, and other things from her profile.

Pro Tip; Short and genuine compliments will go a long way in winning the lady’s heart. Avoid lengthy and unrealistic comments.

Once you’ve exchanged enough banter and feel comfortable with each other, go ahead and ask her out. Japan women are straight-forward and very open on love and sexuality. In fact, a Tokyo girl are not afraid to ask a man they are interested in out. Check your spelling, especially when referring to her name. Misspelling her name might create an impression that you are not putting much thought on the conversation.

Pro Tip; You can ask for her Line, Instagram handle or Facebook name to move the conversation there.

Refrain from Discussing Money

Avoid introducing topics that revolve around money such as the need of your Japanese date to have more clothes or a sick family member who needs financial help. However, Japan girls are hardworking and independent, and you’re less likely to experience gold diggers.

You can offer to order an Uber or a Japan Taxi for her.

If you have followed my guide, getting at least 10 dates with hot Japanese girls should be a bliss.

All the best with your new Japanese girlfriend(s).

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Japanese Women Dating Culture

The Art of Seducing Japanese Women (Plus my JapanCupid Review)

After you’ve exchanged a few messages on Line or Facebook, ask her out. If she declines your offer, move on and find another hot Japanese girl on the site. You don’t want to waste your time convincing one Japanese lady when there are so many fish in the sea. Do you? If she agrees, choose an elegant and affordable restaurant for the date. Don’t let the Japanese girl change the venue afterward and make her know that you are expecting her alone for the date.

Make sure you arrive a few minutes before time, Japan girls are punctual, and your date won’t be the happiest if you waste her time waiting for you. For the date, dress appropriately and treat your date with respect. Whether you go for a well-fitted casual pair of jeans and shirt or a suit, make sure you don’t look like the average tourist. You never know, the Japanese babe might fall for you right away.

While on it, focus on converting the date into something long-term. Maintain an enjoyable conversation and ask about her ambitions, likes, and anything else that will help you have a better understanding of your date. Be confident and compliment her genuinely. On the other hand, expect your date to ask questions such as what is it that you do, and how much you make. All these questions are meant to evaluate your social status and help her avoid dating down.

By now, you’re confident your Japanese date likes you and she knows you can handle her. Japanese girls are tolerant and are looking to dive in and experience new cultures and places. They are also dedicated and will do anything to please someone special to them. Tell her you enjoyed the date and would like to see her again.

Japanese Women Relationship Tips

Japanese women make the best partners. They represent a healthy mix of attributes that make them all-rounded. And they are independent, tolerant, polite, and most importantly dedicated. They respect their partners and put more emphasis on your happiness, trying as much as possible not to put you in an uncomfortable situation. However, don’t take her kindness for weakness, your Japanese girlfriend will not necessarily stay with you if you don’t respect her.

And while some Japanese beauties can speak English, most of them only speak Japanese which means you’ll have to learn a few phrases. The Japanese culture is quite reserved and while it’s normal to spot couples holding hands, being extra close and kissing in public is very uncommon. Public displays of affection are very rare in Japan. So, don’t be surprised when your Japanese girlfriend pushes you away when you attempt to kiss her in the mall.

If your Japanese girlfriend asks you to go to the temple with her or offers to introduce you to her parents, you can take this as a show of seriousness in the relationship. The parent’s approval is essential in Japan. Dress appropriately and make sure you show respect to the Japanese culture.

Sex & Intimacy in Japanese Dating Culture

The Art of Seducing Japanese Women (Plus my JapanCupid Review)While some might say dating a Japanese girl is a walk in the park, there are a few hurdles that you will encounter. Firstly, a majority of the Japanese population does not speak English, and although offers instant translation, you will encounter a fair share of language barrier. And although dating varies in different locations, you don’t have to a Don Juan to enjoy life in Japan. One thing you’ll have to accept is just like anything else new that you set out to do, you will encounter a few swings and misses, and the best thing is to pick yourself up and keep moving.

Just like it is the case in Thai and Indonesia, a Tokyo girl is conservative, and public displays of affection are not popular. Physical contact when in public is limited to a few subtle touches but too much kissing and touching will make her very uncomfortable.

However, don’t mistake her avoidance of public display of affection with shyness. Those Japanese beauties are great in bed and will pleasure you in any way when in private. They are very dedicated and put more emphasis on their partner’s comfort and happiness.

Living with a Japanese Woman

A Japan girl is hardworking and independent. Whether living with their parents or on their own, they want to be less of a burden to their parents and are always busy with their work. This means if you’re to live with your Japanese girlfriend, you will have to bear with her busy schedule most of the times. Women here are all-rounded and will work their butts off without compromising your relationship.

Living with a Japanese woman is great. They are amazing partners, very organized, polite, kind, and most importantly amazing in bed. They are open to trying out new ideas and concepts which makes them adventurous. And in as much as Japanese babes are regarded as submissive and respectful towards their partners, do not use this to bully your Japanese girlfriend; she won’t necessarily settle for something she’s uncomfortable with.

Indifferent to women from other regions, pretty Japanese girls are blown away by small deeds of love and appreciation. Things like occasionally surprising her at work with a beautiful bunch of flowers, sending a card, or even randomly texting her when you are not together mean heaven to her. So, don’t forget to surprise her with a sweet text while she’s at work. She’ll definitely show the text to her friends because it shows that you think of her when you are not around.

Other things you need to know before moving in with your Japanese girlfriend is the importance of honesty and punctuality. Japanese chicks appreciate an honest man. If you have something in your mind, share it with her. Believe me. She’s a great listener. Your Japanese girlfriend puts more emphasis on your happiness more than anything else. On the other hand, Japanese babes are punctual and don’t like keeping someone else waiting for them. I’m sure your girlfriend won’t be the happiest when you are always wasting her time.

Commonly, living with a Japanese girlfriend is a great experience with a host of perks to enjoy. Some of these benefits include;

  • Amazing sex. Even though the Japanese culture is quite reserved in public, women here are bedroom bullies.
  • Japanese girls are always jovial. You’ll hardly catch her frowning.
  • Great cooks. Cute Japanese girls are amazing in preparing tasty meals
  • Dedicated and understanding

Marrying a Japanese Woman

Regardless of having dated two Japanese beauties, I’m yet to marry one. There must be some form of disconnect somewhere, but I’m working on it, ha-ha. Don’t get worked up though, I have a number of friends who are married to sexy Japanese women, and all of them are doing great. I’ll share insights into marrying a Japanese woman from my research as well as from my friends.

As a foreigner, if you wish to marry a Japanese woman and go back home with her to your home country, there are a number of requirements on the table. To start with, you must be at least 18 years of age and the Japanese girl at least 16 years’ old. A Japanese woman can also not get married within six months of dissolution of her previous marriage. To register the marriage, the municipal office will require;

  • Proof of identification
  • Certificate of marriage notification
  • Certificate of no impediment
  • Original birth certificate

Couples get legally married after making changes on the status of the family registration sheets, without the need for a ceremony. The wedding is held in accordance to either Shinto traditions or a chapel according to the Christian marriage traditions.

Good luck with your future Japanese wife!

Additional Questions About Meeting and Dating Japanese Women

  • Must I verify my Japanese Cupid Profile? It’s not mandatory. However, verifying your account inspires trust from the Japanese girls on the site.
  • What are the ideal cities to meet hot Japanese girls? Some of the best cities to meet hot Japanese girls include Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Roppongi, Ginza, among others.
  • What are some of the best Clubs to meet beautiful Japanese women? Amazing nightclubs to meet hot girls include WOMB, Sound Museum Vision, ODEON TOKYO, HARLEM, among others.

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