How to Meet and Date Indonesian Girls (And My IndonesianCupid Review)

Indonesian Girls

Indonesian girls are gorgeous, especially those hailing from the country’s massive capital Jakarta. Girls here tend to have a deep admiration for beauty and cosmetics which probably explains why the beauty industry is thriving in Indonesia. These girls have distinctively lovely skin, are not extra tall, and their natural smile will sweep you off your feet.

There’s nothing not to like about Indonesian girls. In fact, they are known as the thickest of the Asian girls.

Let’s be honest here, a vast majority of men are looking for a submissive and yet confident woman to enjoy life with. Men are looking for a woman that will take care of them, be a mother to their children, and get things running without complaining or being bothersome about it. A typical Indonesian girl fits this criterion, undoubtedly more than your average western woman.

A great number of Indonesian girls are genuinely nice and honest and strive to be kind to everyone they meet. Some men might take advantage of this and try to cheat or lie about what they’re up to. Indonesian girls fight back, and will in most cases find it hard to forgive a person that duped them. So, don’t mistake their kindness for weakness, the girls are just brought up in cultured family-oriented backgrounds which probably explains their great respect towards each other.

To many people, Indonesian girls are a representation of religion and traditions. However, there’s more to that, and you might be surprised to find out that people from Indonesia are more interesting than you think. Indo girls, in particular, are uniquely fun-loving and sexy. Here are some of the facts about Indonesian girls that you probably didn’t know;

  • Indonesian girls are a perfect blend of traditional and wild. Because of their religious family-oriented upbringing, Indonesian girls have the natural motherly love and competence. This wifely nature is complemented by their wild and passionate side that yearns for fun and adventure. This might be one of the most unique pairings you’ll ever get anywhere in the world. So, with an Indonesian girl, you can be sure of not only a great mother for your kids but also a fun-loving partner that will help you enjoy life’s best moments.
  • Most Indonesian girls are fluent in English. Having lived in Jakarta for more than two years, rarely did I come across an Indonesian beauty who can’t express herself in English. So, in my opinion, a majority of the girls can speak fairly good English. The fact they can communicate well in English is an advantage for you who might not be from Indonesia; it dismays cultural barrier.
  • Indonesian girls prefer dominant men. Unlike the trend in Western countries where women are constantly seeking to have more power over their partners, Indonesian girls generally expect men to be dominant. To them, as a man, you either lead or be misled. So, an Indonesian girl expects you to lead and offer her guidance. You’re the sole decision maker.
  • Indonesian girls are fun-loving and outgoing. Indonesia girls are known for their love for parties and social gatherings that offer an opportunity to catch up with friends. They will rarely complain about anything as they tend to get on with it swiftly. The girls are outgoing and have brilliant social skills which makes it possible to make friends with them quickly.

What If You Are Not In Indonesia?

“Too bad I’m not in Indonesia.” You must be thinking.

Well, don’t get worked up over it, your boy Andy got your back!

Having lived in Jakarta for close to 2 years, I can only remember the hassles I had to go through when I first started dating hot Indonesian women. They are naturally good looking and gorgeous, and I always wanted to have one. It took me close to two months to study and understand the elaborate Indonesian dating culture. As you can imagine, I made a couple of mistakes along the way; who doesn’t anyway?

To make it seamless and save you from the hassle and mistakes I made, I have drafted this guide that explains everything you need to know about meeting and dating Indonesian girls. From the Indonesian Cupid which is undoubtedly the country’s single largest dating site, I will take you through how to use Indonesian Cupid to meet Indonesian women. I will also look into the Indonesian dating customs before I finish off with some of the helpful tips for marrying and living with an Indonesian woman.

So, without any further introductions, let’s jump into it!

My Indonesian Cupid Review

Indonesian GirlsIndonesianCupid is the single most famous dating site to meet Indonesian girls. Run by the renowned Cupid Media Party Ltd, you can be sure your financial and personal information is secure from third parties. The name itself explains what to expect on the site, and the fact it houses thousands of Indonesia women from all over the world makes it popular among many people.

And with the internet full of online dating sites pimped with eye-catching pictures of Indonesian models, I understand it might be hard to choose one. Well, I got you on this one! There’s nothing as frustrating like wasting your time creating a profile and constantly messaging girls on a scam site. There are numerous scam sites that promise to match you with hot Bali girls but take it from me, IndonesianCupid is the real deal! In fact, I use IndonesianCupid every time I want a hot girl to spend time with in Jakarta.

The girls on IndonesianCupid range from serious office working women, university students, and everyone else in between. Some of them are interested in a long-term relationship which could lead to marriage while others are looking for a person to have fun with over a short duration of time.

Indifferent to other Cupid sites, IndonesianCupid is very functional and has an exceptionally simple user-interface. Usually recommended for foreigners who are travelling to Indonesia for a while, you don’t have to be alarmed by the rich assortment of people that you will meet here. And while almost all the Indonesian women can speak fairly fluent English, you’re likely to experience cultural differences and a bit of language barrier on the site. But hey, this might just be some of the essentials that make your stay in Indonesia exceptional and fun.

From my experience, the majority of Indonesian beauties on Indonesian Cupid are actually looking for western men. How amazing is this?

And with more than 10k girls active on Indonesian Cupid, this is the ideal dating site, especially for anyone visiting Indonesia for a few weeks.

The only thing worth noting is the fact you have to pay a subscription fee for the site to be functional. Once you create a free profile, you can search for Indonesia girls and check out their profiles, but you can only message them once you’ve signed up for the premium membership.

And while this might be seen as a turn off by some, it actually helps to discourage jokers from the site. As a premium member of the site, you can message multiple Indonesian women at once, increasing your chances of getting the best.

Depending on how long in advance you make the payment, a Gold membership goes for $8-20. This is the equivalent of a few drinks at your favorite bar. Right? So, why not? Indonesian Cupid is a trustworthy website, and you will never be billed after the initial payment unless you request to extend your membership. How cool is that for an online dating site?

Save Time and Money with Indonesian Cupid

Based on personal experience, as well as that of some of my friends who used the site, Indonesian Cupid is the best dating site to meet single Indonesian girls. With more than 10k registered Indonesia women, you can’t fail to meet a good woman for you. Most of the Jakarta women are honest and hard-working and are looking for a foreign man to enjoy life with (or sometimes just a night).

Indonesian Cupid offers two categories for premium subscription; Gold and Platinum. This is how the perks of each category compare;

Unlimited messaging with other members
Live Chat with Instant Messenger
Send and Receive Messages
No ads
Hide profile/Browse Anonymously
Rank Above Other Members
Double Profile Space
VIP profile highlighting
Exclusive search features
Translate messages into your language
Advanced matching algorithms

Here are some of the Advantages of using Indonesian Cupid to meet hot Indonesian girls;

  • Indonesia’s single largest dating site
  • Tons of hot Jakarta women
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Indonesian girls love foreign men, like you
  • Indonesian girls are very social and fun to talk with

The disadvantages include;

  • Premium membership is required to enjoy the benefits
  • You won’t miss a few gold diggers

How to Use IndonesianCupid to Meet Indonesian Girls

Probably one of the easiest to use Cupid sites, IndonesianCupid offers a swift and efficient way to meet Indonesia women. And while this is the case, it isn’t surprising to hear about guys who didn’t find success with the site. There are a number of reasons that might render you unsuccessful, ranging from cultural misunderstanding, using low-quality photos, sending pejorative first messages, among others.

So, to make it easy for you and increase your probability of success, I have compiled this guide on how to utilize IndonesianCupid to its maximum, while avoiding common pitfalls that might otherwise leave you discouraged. Here are a few things I’ll shed light on;

  • How to create an account on IndonesianCupid
  • How to put up an eye-catching and enticing profile
  • Selecting photos that will make her glued to you
  • What messages have the highest response rates
  • Minimizing your risks
  • And much more!

Registering an Account on Indonesian Cupid

indonesian girls

Personally, I’d recommend you sign up on Indonesian Cupid about two weeks before leaving for Indonesia. Why two weeks? You must be asking. Well, if you start messaging the Indonesia women earlier than this, you will have wasted a lot of time, and they might lose interest before meeting you. Two weeks before your trip is the best time frame to start messaging these hot Indonesian babes. You will be able to strike a rapport with a few of them and organize a couple of dates depending on your duration of stay.

Signing up on the site is exceptionally easy, and takes between 2-5 minutes to have your profile up and running. You can either use your email or Facebook to sign up. Hit the ‘View Singles Now’ button as soon as you’re through, and enjoy the long list of Indonesian beauties.

To start with, make sure you complete your profile to increase the probability of a successful matching by the site. Include an eye-catching profile photo, a number of other decent photos of yourself (optional), a short biography, age, planned destination, and other particulars such as height, body type, lifestyle, among others. The more the information, the better.

Now, here’s the most crucial aspect;

Your Profile Photo. In online dating, you’re as good as your profile photo. Trust me! Your profile photo is the first thing the Indonesian girls will come across, and might be what will determine whether or not you get a match for a date.

In most cases, the profile photo is the only thing that a Indonesia girl looks at. In fact, a great looking profile photo may determine whether or not you get a reply from that Indonesian girl. Personally, I’d recommend putting up a profile photo where you look smart and wearing well-fitted clothes. This may be a suit or a casual shirt that compliments your look.

Additionally, put up more photos of you taking part in cool activities such as adventure travelling or sporting events. Make sure the photos you put up on your profile tell a story about you. You don’t want a boring story. Do you? So, make sure the pictures portray the best about you and your daily life

Searching for A Indonesian Woman

indonesian girlsThe search bar is where you look for different Indonesian girls depending on your likes and preferences.

To start with, I’d recommend you go for girls who reside a few kilometers within the destination you’ll be staying. Also, I’d recommend you go for those beautiful Indonesian women who are more active on the site. For instance, go for girls whose last activity is a few weeks ago. Also, if you wish to filter your search criteria based on other particulars such as height and eye color, you can do so on the Advanced Search Menu.

IndonesianCupid also has another incredible feature called the Members Online segment which allows you to see all the Indonesian beauties who are currently online. This is very important as you’ll be able to strike a conversation and get an instant reply. The Matches feature offers a list of hot Indonesian girls the site believes will be a great match for you, saving you the hassle.

Once you submit your search, the results are almost instant. From the results, you can either Check out her Profile, Show Interest, send a Message, or Start a Chat Session. If you spot an attractive Indonesian girl you like, hit the ‘Show Interest’ button followed by a short, captivating message.

Pro Tip; Make sure you save the search results for future utilization in the Advanced Search Menu.

Useful Conversation Tips

First of all, you must understand that numerous other guys have spotted that particularly hot Indonesian girl before you. For this reason, she probably has a dozen unopened messages in her inbox. So, don’t think a simple ‘Hey, What’s up’ is going to make the cut. Take your time to curate the first message so it not only makes you stand out from the rest, but one that also inspires curiosity from the girl to get back to you.

So, how do you go about it?

Indonesian GirlsTo start with, take some time to read through her profile and find an interesting thing you two can have a conversation about. Open with something you recognize from her profile or something you both have in common. Do you recognize the location where the photo was taken? Talk about the destination of her photo, the restaurant or eatery the photo might have been taken by suggesting you have been there as well and it’s an amazing place. Pick up something you might have in common and tell her you enjoy it.

Pro Tip; Win her through genuine compliments from her lifestyle and hobbies as depicted in her profile.

Once both of you have exchanged enough banter and feel comfortable, go ahead and ask her out. Check your spelling, especially where names are concerned. Erroneous messages might create an impression you’re not putting much thought into the conversation. You don’t want to put her off by misspelling her name. Do you?

You can also ask for her Facebook or Instagram to move the conversation there.

Pro Tip; Facebook and Instagram are the two most widely used social media platforms in Indonesia.

Avoid Discussing Money

Refrain from initiating topics that revolve around your salary, the need for her to have new clothes or a relative that might need financial support. When such topics come up, tread with caution as it might be a sign your Indonesian girl might be interested in you because of your financial status. Other than paying for her taxi for the date, you should avoid other financial queries. In fact, you can offer to order a Grab or Blue Bird for her.

If you have gone through my handy guide, you’ll be able to seamlessly launch at least 10 dates with Indonesian beauties before your visit to the country.

All the best with your Indonesian girl!

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Indonesian Girl Dating Culture

indonesian girls

First things first, after you’ve exchanged a few messages, politely ask whether she wants to meet for a date. If she answers no, just move on and go back to the site. There are numerous Indonesia women on IndonesianCupid, so there’s no need to spend much time with the undecided girl, whose most probably wasting your time.

On the other hand, if the answer is yes, be appreciative and convey how you are happy and looking forward to meeting her. Personally, I’d recommend you go for a unique bar or restaurant with reasonable prices. Tell her where you will meet her and at what time. Do not accept her to change the venue after you’ve already agreed. Also, make it clear you’re meeting only her and not a whole battalion of her friends. This technique helps you to weed out a potential gold digger.

Indonesian women have been brought up being enlightened that all the foreigners in the country come to buy sex. So, you might need to present yourself decently. Dress neatly and treat the Indonesian girl with respect so you don’t look like the usual sex tourist. If you carry yourself well, don’t be surprised if the Indonesian beauty falls for you after the first date. (Who wouldn’t want that?)

Pay attention throughout the date as this will tell you whether the girl is genuine or not. The Indonesian girl is fond of asking questions some of which you may find invasive. Some of the common questions are tied, within establishing your financial abilities and social class. And while this may be seen as a gold digger’s red flag, take time and answer the questions, after all, we have followed the guide and eliminated gold diggers. So, take your time and answer her truthfully. Do not even think of lying; she’ll find out eventually.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a convenient Indonesia girl to have sex with over the next few weeks or a lifelong companion, avoid dating bar girls or prostitutes. They’ll definitely come more easily, but most of these relationships end in tears and an empty wallet. You don’t want that. Do you?

Just like any other country, be aware of being duped by ladyboys on the site. So, I’d suggest you check well before going out on a date. You can’t miss them. If you are on a date and you notice Adam’s apple, men size hands, aggressive behavior, and other overly feminine behaviors, don’t hesitate to ask for her ID.

Indonesian Girl Relationship Tips

indonesian girlsUnlike the western culture, the Indonesian girls are submissive and generally expect the man to take charge and be the head of the relationship. The Indonesian girl will listen to you and give in to your demands, especially if they are tied with making you happy. The man is expected to be the initiator while the woman is expected to be passive. However, going overboard and cheating or being overly assertive to the point of hurting her is unforgivable.

In as much as Indonesian women are open and sociable, one of the things that irritates them the most is being asked about their past lover. Do not pester them with questions like; how many lovers have you had, or what happened in your last relationship. These are considered as rude questions in Indonesia.

Another important aspect of dating an Indonesian girl is the fact most Indonesian girls live with their parents and family approval is very important. So, don’t expect she’ll take you to her place because most probably she lives with her parents. And if you’re ever invited to her parent’s house, know you are the one. Otherwise, you can’t marry her without the parent’s approval.

Sex in Indonesian Culture

Probably because of the religious and family-oriented upbringing, Indonesian girls are super conservative. When you’re the two of you in the house, for instance, there are no limits to what you can do to pleasure her. However, when in public, you are limited to a few light touches as too much kissing and touching will make her very uncomfortable. Don’t mistake this for shyness. In private, Indonesian girls are wild and open to new things. Personally, the best sex I’ve ever had was with my Indonesian girlfriends.

Unlike in the west, Public Display of Affection (PDA) is not welcome in Indonesia. In fact, it is considered more of a taboo if you kiss your Indonesian girl in public. Premarital sex is also taboo. So, if you’re having sex with your Indonesian girlfriend you intend to marry, at least, act like you are not having sex, especially around their parents because you risk not marrying her if they know that you are intimate with their daughter.

Living with an Indonesian Woman

Indonesian GirlsUnless you’re married, you’ll not live with an Indonesian girl unless it’s the once in a while visits. Especially over the weekends. And with a majority of Indonesian girls living with their parents, you’ll rarely spend more than a weekend with her. But if you’re lucky, and you’re dating a working-class Indonesian woman who does not live with her parents, well and good.

Either way, Indonesian women enjoy getting random texts. Whether you’re just relaxing doing nothing or she just crossed your mind, a simple text during the day or before you sleep means a lot to an Indonesian girlfriend. She’ll probably show that to her friends because she believes you are in her mind even when you are busy. It might be a small gesture but trust me! It will go a long way in winning you extra points.

If your Indonesian girlfriend visits you once in a while or lives with you, honesty is very important. Be open to her because she will eventually uncover any secrets that you might be hiding. Beautiful Indonesian women are brilliant investigators (better than the FBI ha-ha). So, don’t even think of hiding something that you shouldn’t be hiding.

However, there are plenty of benefits you will enjoy living with your Indonesian girlfriend. They include;

  • The sex is out of this world. Indonesian women are wild in the bedroom and are open to trying new things
  • Bali women are genuinely happy, and you will rarely catch them frowning
  • Those beautiful Indonesian women are great cooks. You will love everything she cooks
  • Most sexy Indonesian women are submissive and know how to take care of their husbands. You’ll always be looking forward to coming home to your girlfriend/ wife. (I’m assuming you’ll take care of your Indonesian girlfriend)

Marrying an Indonesian Woman

Indonesian GirlsUnfortunately, I never got to marry my Indonesian girlfriend, and for that reason, I may not have as much first-hand information on the same. Don’t worry though, I have a couple of friends that have married a hot Indonesian woman, and I have some heads for you.

Firstly, when marrying an Indonesian woman, you have to be aware that the groom is expected to pay for the dowry as well as the wedding ceremony. There is no fixed price, and it depends on the groom’s financial capability, and the bride is the one who assesses and talks with the groom about it. The bride will also help the groom in organizing the wedding ceremony considering the number of guests, type, number and size of ceremonies to hold. Normally, Indonesians love big weddings and will usually hold two ceremonies; it’s a traditional thing.

The traditional Indonesian parents might be a bit hard on you when evaluating the dowry, but the high society or westernized parents don’t expect much. The bride price is just a show of your respect and understanding of Indonesian culture and customs.

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Additional Questions About Indonesian Girls

  • Must I verify my Indonesian Cupid Profile? While it’s not a must to verify your profile, it is recommended because the ‘trust badge’ offers some sort of assurance and increases the chances of Bali women replying to your messages.
  • What are the best cities to meet Indonesian Girls? Jakarta is the best place to meet girls because it boasts of about 10 million inhabitants. Other cities that you can find hot Indonesians include Surabaya, South Bali, and Bandung.
  • What are the best clubs to meet Jakarta women? There are a couple of clubs I have been to and that I can recommend. In Jakarta, you can try Dragonfly, Loewy, and Basque. On the other hand, if you are in Bali, check out La Favela and SkyGarden.
  • Hey Andy, any other app that I can have as back up to find a Balinese woman? Well, Tinder is always there, but I’d recommend Indonesian Cupid any day. Trust me! You don’t need a backup; Indonesian Cupid delivers always! You are guaranteed more than 10k hot Indonesia women, fewer ladyboys and gold diggers.

Sign up here for free and start talking to Balinese women today!


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