How To Become A Digital Nomad In 10 Easy Steps!

A guy working hard to figure out how to become a digital nomad

Combining a passion for building a career and traveling the world is becoming a new way of life for many individuals. This type of lifestyle allows people to work remotely, while relaxing in a coffee shop, sitting on the beach or hiking through the mountains. A nomadic lifestyle is all about a proper work-life balance. Individuals who live this type of lifestyle believes that work should be just a part of your life. Not your whole life.

Even though this style of living seems like the ultimate dream, it can be troublesome if you don’t properly prepare for it. Nomadism is a pretty drastic lifestyle change. Hence the more knowledge you have about this way of life, the more success you will have with how to handle the changes it can bring.

Welcome to my 10 step guide how to become a digital nomad!

How To Become A Digital Nomad In 2019

1. Begin the Process at Home

Before scheduling any travel or career-related plans, start by evaluating your current living situation, the potential possibilities you want to experience and what you want to learn. Although it’s normal for a nomad to schedule things as they come up without proper planning, it’s essential to make note of the things you want to do, so last minute details don’t cause missed opportunities. If you jump too far ahead of yourself and book things without planning, it’s likely that you’ll miss out on some important logistics. Determining how you’re going to travel from one place to another, while simultaneously completing work related functions is a lot to handle all at once.

To keep yourself organized and stress-free, be sure to create schedules, make lists, check off to-do items and create a simple itinerary right at home. Doing so will allow you to visualize a drafted agenda and implement a set plan without any confusion or mishaps.

2. Build an Online Presence

Remote jobs require the use of technology. Whether it’s updating and tracking social media platforms, writing for a blog, creating podcasts or taking photos, it wouldn’t be at all successful without the use of a laptop, smartphone or tablet . Building a personal brand is especially important if you want to be well-known for the kind of work that you do. If you plan to start your own small business to generate income, it’s vital to spread the word about the incentives or entertainment you offer. With a personal brand, people become inspired and eager to follow your journey. A successful personal brand evolves from evaluating yourself, your interests and what you’re good at. Connecting with an audience that has a similar interest should increase your reputability and build valuable connections. A personal brand can be implemented using a variety of creative elements.

A guy working hard to figure out how to become a digital nomad
How to become a digital nomad 101: Building an online presence is key

3. Solidify your Client Base

One you’ve established your personal brand, it’s time to build a relationship with an audience or client. This can be done in many ways, and of course, on the web. Using social media apps to post content to gain followers, comments and shares all contribute to solidifying your reputation online. Ensure that your content is high quality, interactive and consistent to give your followers something to look forward to. If your goal is to become an influencer, start by defining your niche. Do you want to publish content that relates to traveling, or are you set on inspiring individuals by sharing your goals and aspirations in the lifestyle community? Creating a firm strategy can increase your networking capabilities and grow your popularity within a specific industry. Make a Linkedin profile during the process as well to connect with other nomadic professionals to gain insight.

Along with building your social media accounts, creating a website can showcase your willingness to inspire others. One can learn a lot from exploring a well-constructed webpage, and this can increase its potential to be shared with others by others. Soon you’ll have a pretty powerful domain!

4. Ensure you have the Necessary Technology

A nomadic lifestyle and career involves exploring different cities, admiring nature, and overall, becoming more cultured— all while making money. Although these activities build your personal growth and knowledge, it would not be at all possible without the use of technology. Without an office, you’re bound to use a computer, smartphone or tablet to communicate with others and present valuable content on the go. Ensure that you are equipped with the most up-to-date and user-friendly resources. Internet connection and storage are two important particulars to take into consideration when working and traveling as a nomad. Without a strong wifi connection or a sufficient amount of storage on your devices, your technology may not be able to uphold your productivity standards.

Have the right equipment is important how to become a digital nomad
How to become a digital nomad 101: Ensure you have the Necessary Technology

5. Invest in Travel Essentials

When traveling as a nomad, it is imperative to be well-equipped with the proper excursion essentials. A durable, weather-proof backpack, insulated water bottle, travel wallet, quality jacket and reliable hiking shoes are all important to obtain when going from place to place. Each location you experience could have entirely different weather patterns, food options or navigation routes, so you want to be as prepared as possible for anything that comes your way. Don’t forget about your visas and passport. If you’ll be flying in and out of various countries, having an up-to-date passport will secure your ability to fly and make it through customs.

6. Build your Savings

Finances play an important role in the success of nomadism. Without a substantial amount of savings, getting to your first destination will not be a breeze. If you’re a younger nomad, there is a strong possibility you’ve just graduated college and are dealing with monthly payments. If this is the case, create a budget, evaluate your spending, find a resource for lowering a college loan or unsubscribe from any accounts or subscriptions you no longer use. That way, you’ll have more money to spend during the beginning stages of nomadism before you’re making a living off of an online empire.

7. Choose your Locations Wisely

As a working traveler, there is no doubt you’ll need to adapt to a variety of cultural changes. Choosing a location will affect your ability to adapt to a way of life that is entirely different from your own. Remember, language barriers, transportation, diet and housing vary from country to country. Evaluate your sensitivity to change and choose a location that can suit your needs. Familiarizing yourself with an unfamiliar culture can lead you to great learning experiences and meeting new, unique people.

Choosing locations is important how to become a digital nomad
How to become a digital nomad 101: Choose your locations wisely

8. Gain Knowledge of Other Cultures

Whenever you plan to travel to a country outside your own, it is essential to perform in-depth research on its culture. Gaining insight on a country’s customs can make or break your experience there. Knowing about your food options, the proper attire, language, currency and etiquette can contribute to a successful stay. The more you know, the more confident you’ll be in your ability to adapt.

9. Schedule a Health Checkup & Vaccinations

This is a task that is often a last-minute thought, but one of the most important. Make sure you are up-to-date with all of your immunizations— diphtheria, measles, tetanus and polio. Different vaccines are required to enter certain countries, so be sure to communicate with your medical provider at least six weeks before your departure. If you will be traveling with prescribed medicine, have a copy of the prescription with you when going through customs. The attendants may ask you some questions about the medication if it is unfamiliar in that country. Know the name of the medicine, the dosage and how much you will need to travel with before entering customs.

health checkup is important how to become a digital nomad
How to become a digital nomad 101: health checkups are very important

10. Prepare for your Departure

Before leaving your current home, make sure you take your apartment, cell phone, bills and social life into consideration. Before beginning life as a nomad, talk to your landlord about ending a lease if needed. Don’t wait until the last minute to do so in case there are any lease term mishaps you have to take care of. If you have certain monthly payments you need to terminate or change the due date of, do so before traveling so you won’t have to worry about it later on. If you think you need a higher cell phone plan with more storage and data, visit your cell phone provider for help. Lastly, prioritize a visit with your friends and family. They’ll miss you more than you think and spending quality time with them will give you more memories to cherish and remember as you’re exploring the world.

Final Thoughts On How To Become A Digital Nomad

During the process of becoming a nomad, it is normal to sense a variety of feelings— excitement, nervousness, happiness or fear. But all in all, you’re about to embark on an adventure that you will remember forever, and all while building a remote career for yourself. Embrace each moment and learn as much as you can while embarking on this exploration.


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