Why Our Parents Life Milestones Have Become Obsolete

Life Milestones

“I have a theory”, I said.

My friend looked up from his cup of coffee. We were sitting at a cafe called Milkbar in the central parts of Kiev.

The weather was great. A typical July day in Kiev. Long legged Ukrainian beauty’s walked past us in high heels.

I continued: “I don’t think our parents and grandparent life milestones applies to us anymore”

I went on to explain my theory in more details. Basically, our parents and grandparents were bound to certain milestones that shaped their lives. For example, starting a family and retire at a certain age. Or reaching a career or financial milestone at another.

But the world is different today. Our generation has been blessed (or cursed) with things like:

  • The Internet
  • Insane divorce rates
  • Cheap traveling

In addition, many people are worried if their savings and social security will last in retirement.

All this means our generation will have a complete new set of life milestones. Or heck, we may even live our lives completely different.

Just look at me.

Keep reading and I’ll explain my theory in more details.


We now know a lot more about health than we did just a few decades ago. Especially in the following areas:

  • Fitness
  • Dieting
  • Hormones
  • Weigh Loss

The information is out there. And it’s free.

In addition, modern medicine can cure illnesses that were deadly just a few generations ago.

All that makes me believe you can have a young body even when approaching middle age. And beyond.

Life Milestones

Take myself as an example. Here is what I do when it comes to health and fitness:

  • Gym 3 or 4 times per week
  • Boxing or Muay Thai once or twice per week
  • Cardio training twice per week
  • Full body stretching at least once per week
  • Consuming a pretty healthy diet
  • Yearly health checkups (PSA, testosterone, etc)

The above things have done the following for me:

  • I am still as strong as I was in my 20s. For some exercises, like the deadlift, I am much stronger
  • My testosterone levels are close to 800. Those are levels people usually have in their 20s
  • All other blood levels (blood pressure, cholesterol etc) are excellent
  • I believe I am in better physical shape than most of todays 20 year olds

So what does this have to do with changing life milestones?

I do believe that with the right lifestyle you can stay young and healthy longer. Even prolong your life.

In the old days you had limited time to get your affairs in order. Already at middleage your health started to decline. And at 65 you had to retire. That left only the 20s and 30s for career and family building.

A long healthy life gives you more time to build wealth, create a business and start a family.


When I look back at my 20 year old self, I see a young man with little to no knowledge about the world.

That man was not ready to start a family.

Since then I traveled to about 70 countries and learnt a lot about different cultures. I also had the pleasure to date girls from different countries.

Life Milestones

If you haven’t traveled a lot, you probably believe people are the same all over the world.

They are not.

Swedish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Brazilian, Thai, American and Colombian girls are vastly different. Both in terms of looks and personality.

My travels made me realize what type of values are important in my life partner. And what red flags to look out for. Things I didn’t know in my early 20s.

In addition I’ve done a lot of mistakes along the way. Mistakes that sometimes hurt people. I learnt from those mistakes and I believe I am in much better shape to start a family today compared to my younger self.

I recommend young men to travel before settling down. And do travel a lot! Experience different cultures and date girls from different corners of the world. That will make you a better man plus you’ll learn what type of partner you want in your life. And when you eventually settle down, the relationship will have a much higher chance to succeed.

In addition, we men have the luxury of being able to start a family even later in life. If you take care of your health as described above, you can easily start a family in your 30s. Heck even in your 40s!


Do you think you’ll be able to retire at 65?

Some may. But many won’t.

There are several reasons for this debacle. We have our underfunded pension funds. Other folks don’t have enough retirement savings. And let’s not forget our Ponzi-like social security system!

Life Milestones

I have one more question for you: do you really want to retire? Today you can easily make money with an online business from the comfort of you own home. And you can choose how, when and where to work!

Personally I plan to never retire. Sure I’ll probably reduce the hours at some point. But I’ll keep building online businesses in my 60s and 70s. Heck even in my 80s! As long as my fingers and brain functions.

So what impact does this have on your life milestones?

Internet has changed the way we do business forever. An online business is a fun, easy and relatively stress free (compared to corporate life) way to make money. Where age or physical conditions are no hurdles. Everyone from age 10 to 80 can do it!

Hence there’s no need to stress about not having enough retirement savings. Or compare yourself to peers that currently are ahead.

If you are in your late 20s with no career or money, there’s still plenty of time to catch up!



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