What Is True Freedom?

What Is True Freedom

What is true freedom?

I think it may be a good idea to clarify this. A while back I wrote a Facebook post titled “A free man is a happy man” and it had a photo of me sitting on a beach in the Philippines. On my post, a female friend wrote a comment. She wrote “life will be lonely without a girl. Because a girl will make a man’s life brighter.”

And I totally agree with that statement.

There’s nothing contradictory with having a life partner and achieving true freedom.

So what is true freedom? Follow along and I’ll explain.

#1: Control Of Your Own Time

First and foremost, true freedom for me is having control of your own time. As an example, I worked for many years in several corporate jobs. While I earned very good money, I couldn’t control when, where and how I wanted to work.

Today my life is the total opposite. For example, I am writing this piece sitting on my balcony in Vietnam. Living in Vietnam gives me a higher living standard for less money compared to many western countries, so I choose to live here. In addition, I couldn’t motivate myself to work this morning so I took the day off. Instead I got to work in the evening when my motivation was back.

Being in control when, where and how you work – this for me is true freedom!

#2: Being True To Yourself

In addition, true freedom is being true to yourself. Sadly, I know people that can’t express their opinions publicly because of fear of social backlash. And we’re not talking about third world dictatorships here. These people are living in the United States and Western Europe!

Today I frankly don’t give a flying f*ck if people agree with me or even like me. What should they do? Try to get me fired? Well since I am selfemployed I can’t get fired anymore. A very liberating feeling.

Those two things are my definition of true freedom.

And all this can be achieved with a life partner. In fact, I am the first one to advocate that all people, men and women, should eventually settle down and start a family. If you remember I’ve touched on that topic earlier in this article.

Life become so much easier when you have a loving, caring and supporting partner.

But it has to be the right partner.

I’ve seen so many friends get pulled down and destroyed from bad relationships. Both emotionally and financially.

Now you may ask yourself how you also can achieve location and financial freedom. The good news is I have some articles that will be a good start:

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If you read those three articles, and follow the steps, you’ll have everything you’ll need to get started on the journey to true freedom!

And in case you have any further questions please write a comment on this article or send me an e-mail.


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