How To Find Vietnamese Girls For Marriage Or Long Term Relationship

Vietnamese girls

Are you interested in meeting a Vietnamese girl for a serious relationship, or perhaps marriage?

Congratulations! Vietnamese girls are ideal for both marriage and long term relationships. They are very beautiful, loyal and most of them will have a slim, yet curvy body. In addition, Vietnam has extremely low divorce rates, hence minimizing the risk for a painful divorce.

But where can you find those exotic beauties? That’s a great question, and if you never have lived in Vietnam, it’ll be a difficult one to answer. But the good news is that I can help you. I have lived in Vietnam for many years and I know how to navigate the local dating market.

Furthermore, I understand perfectly well we have different backgrounds, goals and budgets. Therefore I have tailored my guide to fit as many angles as possible:

  • This guide is suitable for men who are already in Vietnam, whether on vacation or living as expats
  • In addition, it’s suitable for men who are planning to visit, or move to Vietnam, in the near future
  • And finally, for men who don’t want to travel to Vietnam, but still want to meet a Vietnamese girl

But before we jump into the guide itself, let’s start with describing the personality of typical Vietnamese girls.

The Personality Of Vietnamese Girls

With Vietnam, it’s essential to understand that most people in their 20s experienced severe poverty in their childhood. Instead of playing with expensive toys, they had to worry about where their next meal would come from. Of course it’s different today, and now people can afford the same kind of luxury items we have in the west. But people who experienced real poverty are far more appreciative for the smaller things in life, more humble and way less entitled compared to people in the west.

And that’s the type of girls you’ll find in Vietnam. In addition to the above, Vietnamese girls are beautiful, slim, well educated, have good family values and loyal. In addition, the divorce rate in Vietnam is insanely low (4%) making them an ideal life partner.

Vietnamese girls

Where To Find Vietnamese Girls

Now when we know a bit about the personalities of Vietnamese girls, let’s move onto the actual guide. And let’s start with the night clubs.

Night Clubs

Night clubs are one of the more common ways to meet girls in the west. Though this is still possible in Vietnam, I wouldn’t say the girls you’ll meet in the clubs will be your typical Vietnamese girl. Most club girls will be westernized and have more in common with the girl down the street back home, than the traditional, exotic beauty that you came here to find.

In fact, most “good” Vietnamese girls have a 11pm curfew, thus night clubs will not be an option for them. In addition, the typical Vietnamese girl don’t drink a lot of alcohol, and most have never visited a nightclub.

But if you want to give clubbing a try, I recommend visiting one of the high end places such as Levels, Qui, Xu Bar and Xoxo. Though it’s also possible to meet girls at places such as Apocalypse Now or at Bui Vien, I wouldn’t consider those girls relationship material.

Vietnamese girls

Day Game

In case you didn’t know, day game is when you approach a cute girl on the street. You’ll have a short conversation, build some attraction, and hopefully you’ll get her number.

Day game can be very successful, especially in cities where people walk around a lot during the day. For example I know many successful day gamers in Ukraine and Colombia. But day gaming can be challenging in Vietnam:

  • Vietnamese girls don’t like to be exposed to sunlight (they prefer white skin), thus many won’t walk outside during the day
  • Most cities in Vietnam are not built for walking, and instead most girls will drive around with their motorbikes
  • When Vietnamese girls actually walk outside, most will be with families or in a group of friends.
  • Most Vietnamese girls won’t be comfortable with English, making the conversation challenging

I am not saying it’s impossible, I am merely pointing out it’ll be more challenging and time consuming than other places.

If you do want to give day game a try, I recommend focusing on the big malls (Saigon Centre, Vincom) or a university campus, for example HUFLIT.

Vietnamese girls

Social Circle

Meeting Vietnamese girls through mutual friends is one of your the best options. You’ll know that the girl has been vetted by your social circle thus minimizing the risk for any future drama.

The major disadvantage with social circle game is the time it’ll take to build up a large enough social circle, especially if you just arrived in a new country. The social circle option will only work for guys that are going to live in Vietnam for a considerable amount of time.

Vietnamese girls

Online Dating

The most convenient way to meet Vietnamese girls is using an online dating service or application. You can comfortable sit at home and talk to hundreds of beautiful girls. The major advantage with online dating is that you don’t need to be in Vietnam. You can talk to the girls before your trip, or even invite her to your home country in case you don’t want to travel yourself.

But a word of caution. Some girls have made a “career” out of meeting foreigners online, and I wouldn’t consider those girls relationship material. In particular the Tinder app has a lot of those “bad” girls and golddiggers, and some friends have even stopped using Tinder for those exact reasons.

A far better place to meet Vietnamese girls online is with Vietnam Cupid, and that’s also where I found my current girlfriend. The difference compared to Tinder is that Vietnam Cupid has far more traditional, normal girls who are genuinely serious with finding a relationship. In particular with a foreign guy.

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