Kong and the Vietnam Movie Experience

Vietnam Movie

I don’t watch a lot of new movies.

The entertainment value is on a downhill slope, and Hollywood only cranks out old remakes. They seem to lack new ideas. But the most appalling thing is the politics. When I go see a movie, I don’t want a political agenda pushed in my face – neither from left nor right. I just want to be entertained damn it!

However, I do enjoy watching classical movies from the 70s, 80s and 90s. For example during the last months I’ve watched Heat (Robert de Niro), The outlaw Josey Wales (Clint Eastwood), Shutter (Thai horror movie) and Tron (Jeff Bridges). All excellent movies, and they beat the crap out of newer flicks!

But I recently went to the cinema here in Vietnam. Actually the first time in ages. My Vietnamese friend had talked about the movie Kong for a few days. I was initially skeptical, since it looked like the typical remake I hate (I’m looking at you Transformers and Ghostbuster!). But there’s one Vietnam movie theater literally a 5 minutes walk from my apartment, so I thought what the hell.

Vietnam Movie

Going to a Vietnam movie is cheap. Two tickets set me back $7.5, plus a few dollars more for popcorn and sodas. Not bad.

We ended up watching a late 9.45pm show so I thought we would be alone. Boy was I wrong. The place was packed and outside there was a bustling nightmarket. Amazing.

The movie started with no commercials like in the west, nor did they play any nationalistic music like they do in Thailand. People were quiet and respectful throughout the whole movie. Not like the experience in some western movie theaters were gangs of youths chatter, and play with their phones. Very respectful.

So what about the movie?

I did surprisingly enjoyed it a lot. Maybe not the most revolutionary storyline but a good enough action flick. And without any sort of political bullshit agenda. In ways it reminded me of movies from my earlier years.

Vietnam MovieThe movie takes place in Vietnam with the war as the backdrop. That made the whole experience more interesting since I was watching it right here in Vietnam. The western part of the audience laughed at different jokes than the Vietnamese. Most noteworthy was after an interaction between a female photographer and Samuel L. Jackson, who was portraying an Army Colonel.

Photographer: “You are not actually going to blame the people without guns for losing the war, aren’t you?

Jackson: “A camera is way more dangerous than a gun. And we didn’t lose the war. We abandoned it”

The interaction was met with scoffs and small laughter from the Vietnam movie audience. Like “Yeah right you guys got your ass handed to you here.”

This is what I love about traveling!

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