My 3 Favorite Things To Do in Bangkok

things to do in bangkok

I am back in Bangkok!

And as usual my arrival was totally pain free. Smooth and quick immigration, the suitcase came out almost first, my $10 [eafl id=”985″ name=”Uber” text=”Uber”] arrived within 5 minutes, and the $25/night [eafl id=”984″ name=”Airbnb” text=”Airbnb”] apartment was easy to find. Really puts the US and TSA to shame!

To spice things up a little, I decided to stay in Thonglor this time, a neighborhood I haven’t explored that much yet. Thonglor is a trendy neighborhood with a lot of fine dining. Especially Japanese restaurants since they have a large Japanese community.

This is one of the great benefits with the digital nomad lifestyle. If there is a neighborhood I want to know better, I just book my hotel or Airbnb apartment there. This is a great way to combine both business and pleasure. And I believe the best way to explore a neighborhood is to find a new cafe to work in everyday. As a matter of fact, I am writing this piece at a nice cafe, while sipping on my black coffee.

things to do in bangkok

And I have such fond memories of this city. It was here it all started. Bangkok was my first destination on my location independence journey many years ago. I lived here for almost two years and had some great times. And met so many good friends.

This is just a short five day visit, but my schedule is already packed. With what you may ask? Well there are so many things to do in Bangkok and you will need many weeks to explore them all. However, for me personally there are three things that always have priority. And the good news is that I decided to share them with you. Of course there are many many more things to do here, but for me these three are my must things to do in Bangkok.

Let’s go!

Train Muay Thai

things to do in bangkok

This is usually the first thing I do after I touch down. Especially now after so many months of heavy lifting in the gym, it will be great to get some hard martial arts training in. Can’t wait to get going to to my old gym for some serious pad work. Maybe even some sparring if my body is up for it.

If you remember, a while back I wrote an article how to select a good Muay Thai gym in Thailand. This may help you in case you are interested to come here for your training.

Edit: This is an update I am writing the day after my first training. It went pretty well and I could do four rounds of padwork with my trainer. I am sure I could have done my usual five rounds and I will try to do that today. My body feels great. No pain. 

Eat Street Food

things to do in bangkok

I am a sucker for Thai food. Though there are many good Thai restaurants outside Thailand, nothing beats the food in Thailand. It just taste so much better!

And the best food is usually found on the streets. Sadly, my favorite street food at Sukhumvit Soi 38 is closing down due to condo developments. But there are still many other good places. One of them is Chinatown.

There are some rumors that the Thai authorities are going to start cracking down on street food vendors. But as always with these kind of rumors I read about Thailand. I treat them just as rumors.


things to do in bangkok

After I satisfied my body with training and food, I am usually off to do some shopping. And I have to confess. I like MBK. Some people just hate it due to the many shops catering to tourists, but if you know where to go, there are so many areas with good quality stuff for reasonable prices.

I also like to go to a shopping mall called Terminal 21 which has great clothing stores and is designed to look like an airport terminal. The food court on the lower floor is definitely worth a visit. If I want some more high end things I go to EmQuarter or Paragon.

Final Thoughts

In addition, I will also try to meet my friends for some drinks. Sadly it looks like my old favorite Cheap Charlies on Sukhumvit soi 11 has closed down. Damn I have many good memories from there. Luckily there are so many other good options on soi 11.

Well that’s about everything I have time to write today. I have some busy days ahead of me and need to get started. But I hope this article about things to do in Bangkok got you motivated to visit this great city. You wont regret it. And maybe you end up staying longer than you planned. Just like I did.

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