The Best Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife In 2017

Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife

It’s Monday after a massive weekend.

One of my friends just had his 30th birthday bash here in Ho Chi Minh City. His crew came from all over Asia and we ended up getting bottle services at the hottest clubs in town. It became an awesome weekend despite the next days hangover.

In case you didn’t know, the Ho Chi Minh City nightlife is actually very good and relatively easy on the wallet. Strangely enough it’s not that well known. Probably because it lives in the shadow of the more famous nightlife in nearby Jakarta and Bangkok.

But it’s worth checking out. For instance, in Saigon you’ll meet more locals compared to Bangkok, which tends to have more expats and visitors. And it won’t hurt your wallet as much as a weekend in Jakarta.

But which clubs and bars are worth checking out in 2017? Well I may be able to help you with some intel. In fact, to help my fellow party goer I’ve decided to write an article about the best Ho Chi Minh City nightlife in 2017.


Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife In 2017


Currently the hottest club in town and hence always crowded on the weekends. Envy is a large Vegas style club located in district 1 and it comes equipped with VIP tables and large dance floor. In addition to the weekend craziness, Envy also have a popular ladies nights on Tuesdays.

Envy is very fun but a bit on the expensive side. But they give you a lot of entertainment for your bucks. For example, here you can watch Cirque du Soleil style dancers hanging from the ceiling while you sip your cocktails. And when you order bottles of Vodka or Champagne, they bring them out with a lot of flair, like sparklers and dancers.

Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife


Qui is a decent sized lounge club located in the Japanese neighborhood. It’s popular with well off locals and the expat community, and this is one place where you even can spot a local celebrity from time to time.

Qui is the perfect place to start your evening. It gets very crowded around 9pm or 10pm, but it thins out after midnight when people go to other places to continue their night. It’s recommended to reserve a table. Especially if you are a big group.

Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife


Very upscale club located on the 21st floor of a centrally located building. Xoxo is popular with well off locals but not frequented by many foreigners or expats. In fact last time I was here I didn’t see one single foreigner.

The DJ plays a mix of Hip Hop R&B, EDM Trap Twerk and House Music. The floor layout is all tables with minimal space for dancing. Table reservation is strongly recommended.

Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife


Elegant and stylish rooftop bar centrally located in district 1. Glow is very popular with the expats community and it’s easy to mingle and socialize here since the tables are more spread out.

Beside pumping good music in an elegant setting, you’ll also get a panoramic view of Saigon. Do be aware that there’s no indoor area which make this club a bit of a risky option in the wet seasons. In addition, the dresscode here can be very strict so wear appropriate clothing.

Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife


Lush used to be the most popular club in Saigon but is currently in a bit of decline. Still a good place to visit, especially on Tuesdays when it’s ladies night. They have VIP tables upstairs and a small dance floor. In addition, the cost for bottles and cocktails are less expensive here compared to other clubs in Saigon.

But be aware that Lush is frequented by a lot of working girls. In particular in the bar at the back.

Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife

Apocalypse Now

A Saigon classic. The only club I remember from my first Saigon visit back in 2009. Apocalypse Now is a large club with two floors and reasonable priced drinks. In addition it’s open late so many people end their night here.

The downstairs has a large dance floors where the DJ is playing very loud EDM music. Unfortunately the downstairs also have a lot of working girls. If the girl sits alone at a table she is most likely a prostitute. Upstairs is less crowded and doesn’t have any working girls as far as I’ve seen.

Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife

Bonus: Dresscode

When I go out in Saigon I usually dress what I define as smart casual: dark denim jeans, dress shoes and either a button down shirt or V-neck T-shirt. For some places, like Xoxo, it may be appropriate to wear a blazer to fit in. My blazer is similar to this one.


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