Let me Explain Why Swedish Summer is Great!

Swedish summer

Here I am.

Back in Sweden for one more summer.

Instead of living in world class cities like San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok, Saigon or Bogota, I’ll be chilling on the Swedish countryside.

This will be a much needed break. I have been traveling extensively for over one year, covering four continents and many cities. But besides shorter trips outside the metropolitan areas, not much time has been spent in smaller towns.

swedish summer

But it won’t be all chill and grill. I have many ideas for this blog and my other businesses, so I’ll put my feet on the table and work like a god damn nutjob. And I don’t need to worry about distractions. My small town has two restaurants, one grocery store and one gym.

Absolutely perfect!

But why Sweden? Well not many places can beat the Swedish summer. Stunning nature, beautiful people and awesome weather. And let’s not forget about the Akvavit!

As always, people have different reasons for visiting a country. But I wanted to share my three reasons why I like to spend my summers here (besides friends and family of course). I also added a bonus in the end where I rant about one thing I don’t like.

Let’s start with midsummer.


It’s worth experiencing the Swedish summer just for the midsummer celebrations. Where else can you dance around a flower covered penis rammed into the ground, while pretending to be a frog? Sounds like a joke but it’s true.

swedish summer

Swedes love their midsummer. It’s likely the number one holiday rivaling even Christmas. The day starts with raising of the Maypole and followed by traditional dances. The Maypole itself is shaped like a penis, and it may be symbolic for fertilizing the earth in preparation for the harvest. A great thing back when everyone was a farmer!

After all family friendly activities have ended, Akvavit and food comes out and there will be singing until the early hours.

Another midsummer tradition is that unmarried girls collecting seven types of flowers and placing it under their pillow. According to folklore they will dream about the men they will marry. Sadly, there is no alternative for us single gents.


The Swedish summer weather is just perfect. Temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. And no humidity.

Having no humidity is something I have looked forward to. After spending months in Asia, it’s a blessing to walk outside without sweating my ass off.

swedish summer


I am typing this article outside. Music is streaming from my earbuds and I am sipping on my Arabica coffee. It’s 10am but not cold. I am surrounded by farmland and small red houses with white corners. Everything is green and peaceful. Perfect place to relax and get work done.


The Swedish kitchen is not world renowned like the French, Italian or Thai. But there are several dishes that stands out and can’t be found elsewhere.

swedish summer

Let’s start with freshly harvested potatoes. Potatoes most of the year is dull and boring. But in early summer, freshly harvested potatoes starts to be available. And they taste amazing. In my opinion the best potatoes found anywhere in the world.

Other Swedish summer food you can’t find elsewhere (except your IKEA store if you are lucky) includes pickled herring (sill), crisp break (Knäckebröd) and a dessert called princess cake.

A special mention to the Pizzas. I’ve had pizza in cities like Napoli and Parma, but my opinion is that Swedish pizzas are the best. The ham, cheese and the thin crust is just excellent. Even the pizza restaurant in my small town beats all the pizzas I had in Asia and South America.

Bonus: One Thing I Don’t Like

Time to start the rant.

For f*ck’s sake, why does everything has to be so expensive? It’s absolutely crazy to pay $30 to $40 when eating out, and pay $9 to $10 for a beer. I have some comfort knowing it used to be worse back when the dollar was in the toilet, but can’t really see myself living here long term. Especially when you get more value for your money elsewhere.

Rant over.

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