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One of America’s most celebrated authors, Mark Twain, once said: ‘Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

As gratifying as traveling is, the experience is often fleeting, inspiring us to preserve the memories of our journeys as best we can. The most prevalent way to eternalize travel memories is by taking photos and videos and collecting various memorabilia along the way. Although many new and seasoned travelers alike are quite content to keep all their memories in a box or on a USB flash drive, there are a number of far more creative ways in which you can bring your most treasured memories to life.

Create a Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a big deal in the USA with more than 35% of U.S. households preserving their memories this way, according to the Craft and Hobby Association. Creating a scrapbook is without a doubt one of the most creative and satisfying ways to preserve your travel memories. You can add a variety of personal touches to a scrapbook with stamps, stickers, and other embellishments that can bring your photos to life. Whether you start your scrapbook while traveling or only after you arrive back home is entirely up to you. The only thing that does truly matter is that you have fun while doing it. It’s also important to remember  there is nothing emasculating about scrapbooking. And men can make awesome travel scrapbooks without having their manliness questioned in any possible way.

What do you need to make your own Travel Scrapbook?

Every scrapbook is as unique as the journey it commemorates. There are no rules in existence that dictate how to create a scrapbook either. Allowing you to be as conservative or creative in your approach as you wish. You can include anything from photos, sketches, and napkins, to concert tickets, receipts, and beer bottle labels in your scrapbook, penning down a few thoughts about each item as you secure it in your book. If you’re embarking on a whirlwind tour with short stop-overs in between destinations, a single scrapbook will more than likely suffice for the entire journey. If you’re, however, spending extended periods of time in the same place before moving on, you might want a separate book to document your time in each destination.

Consider Creating a Digital Scrapbook

If the thought of cutting and pasting down photos and other travel memorabilia does not appeal to you, you can always make yourself comfortable in front of your laptop or PC and whip up a digital scrapbook. There are a number of digital scrapbooking sites such as Blurb and Mixbook that provide easy-to-use templates for impressive online scrapbooks. Once you have completed your scrapbook you choose to either share it on social media, email it to yourself or a friend, or print it out to keep for yourself. Digital scrapbooks are not only easy to create but can also easily be saved with a few clicks of a mouse button, allowing you to access it at any time without having to cart a physical book or box filled with mementos around.

Put your Photos on Display

If the thought of scrapbooking and blogging does not quite appeal to you, you can always display your beautifully-captured memories in a selection of stylish photo frames. While you can have your favorite photos enlarged and framed singularly, you can also create a picture collage of photos and other memorabilia that can then be framed and hung on a wall or copied and printed onto various materials including fabric to make anything from pillowcases to placemats. You can make your photo collage by physically arranging your printed photos into the desired pattern, sticking it on a sheet of cardboard, and then placing it into a frame. Alternatively, you can make use of a collage program that will allow you to create great collages on your laptop or PC before having them printed and framed as desired.

Get Creative with your Photos

Apart from framing your photos or having them printed onto canvas, you can also choose to turn them into awesome trinkets like fridge magnets, drink coasters, and coffee mugs that are both creative and practical and can make for nifty gift ideas for friends and family members. You can also make your own photo frames from twigs and pieces of driftwood to ice cream sticks and even old books. If you don’t have any ideas of your own you can simply browse the internet that will deliver countless creative designs for constructing your very own photo frames.

Blog about your Memories

There are not many ways of documenting and sharing your travel memories that can compete with a well-written, captivating blog. If you have a way with words, you can create a travel blog to document your travels across the globe.  Even if you don’t want to have your blog published to the world, you can still record all the details of your journeys with write-ups and photos, sharing it only with those you choose. If you think that creating and maintaining a travel blog sounds like a lot of work, you’re not entirely wrong because you’ll have to put in some effort to get it off the ground. Chances are you will have such a great time blogging that it will soon become a passion instead of feeling like a chore.

How to Create a Fascinating Travel Blog

Unless you are very tech-savvy there are a few things you need to know before you start your travel blog. The first thing you need to do once you have decided to start a travel blog is finding a suitable blogging site. If you are just looking for a place where you can casually record your travels, a free blogging site such as Wix, Medium, and Blogger, will more than suffice. If you’re looking for a completely personalized domain and some other high-end features you should perhaps consider upgrading to a paid-for blog host, especially if you’re looking to make money from your blog. GoDaddy, HostGator, and Bluehost all offer a variety of hosting packages to suit different types of clients and well worth checking out.

What is in a Name?

After you have signed up for a hosting plan and installed WordPress (or a similar blogging platform), you need to create a name for your blog. Even if you only plan to blog on a casual basis you want a name that is memorable. Your blog name, together with the theme you choose will ultimately determine the vibe of your blog. Once you have the basics done, you can start adding your content which can include written accounts of your travels, photos, and videos. The best blog names are usually those that are both catchy yet easy to read and pronounce. Don’t feel obliged to use your own name in your domain or blog name and steer clear of any potentially-offensive and ambiguous names as well.

Earning money from your travel blog

You don’t have to decide right away whether you want to utilize your blog as a source of income. When you do make that decision, though, you will have to decide exactly how you plan to generate the desired income. Banner ads, affiliate links, and product sales are all viable options to consider. You can also use your blog to produce an indirect income by landing you sponsorships, freelance work, and a significant amount of writing experience.

Send Destination Postcards

Despite an approximate 1 trillion digital photos being taken worldwide every year, and instant messaging become more popular than ever before, postcards still hold a certain appeal, especially for travelers.  To this day postcards remain a popular way to preserve travel memories. While you can most certainly buy a postcard at every destination you reach and pop it into your bag, you can also choose to mail them to yourself which will give you the added advantage of accumulating an impressive postage stamp collection. Before sending off your postcard to yourself, write a few words on the back to summarize what you did on that particular day. As you receive your postcards in the mail, you can decide whether to stick them in your scrapbook, frame them, hang them along your wall, or pin them to a bulletin board.

You are by no means compelled to only preserve your travel memories in one way. Nothing prevents you from creating scrapbooks and photo collages while also tending to a travel blog and printing your own cool memorabilia. As long as what you do helps you relive the happiest moments of your journeys, all is well in the world.


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