The Best Earbuds I Owned! Remax RM-575 Review

Remax RM-575

I hate noisy environments.

Especially at airports where I like to read or work.

And I am not a fan of noise canceling headphones from brands like Bose. They take up too much space in my luggage. Furthermore, they are pretty pricey, and my old Bose used to hurt my ears after frequent use.

Sadly, I am also pretty rough with my gear. Over the years I have smashed several earbuds and headphones. Most electronics is not compatible with my active lifestyle which includes gym, martial arts and extensive traveling.

But I think I have a solution. Some earbuds have a feature called noise isolation. Noise isolation is not the same as the active noise canceling feature found on many expensive headphones. Noise isolation is using a seal to block external noise from entering the ear, while noise canceling technology is using electronics to cancel them out.

A while back I bought Remax RM-575 noise isolation earbuds, and I have used them frequently. So far they been great and checks most of my criteria boxes. As a matter of fact, I am so happy with them that I decided to write a review to help others. Let’s go!

Remax RM-575


First Things First

Before buying high quality earbuds, I recommend you personalize your audio settings. On my Samsung Android phone, it’s under Settings->Sounds and vibration->Sound quality and effects->Adapt Sound->Personalize Sound.

It takes only 5 minutes. Believe me it makes a difference.

Price and Value

I am not a cheap guy and I am willing to pay for quality gear. But I am a bit hesitant to fork out a lot of cash on headphones due to my past history of breaking so many of them. Even original earbuds from Samsung is not safe from my destructive hands!

However the price I paid for my Remax RM-575 earbuds is right up my alley.

Noise Isolation

It’s important that your earbuds have a good rubber seal. Otherwise the noise isolation feature won’t work very well, and noise will find it’s way into your ear.

The rubber seal of my Remax RM-575 covers the ear canal, yet doesn’t feel intrusive and uncomfortable like earplugs sometimes do. I have used them at airports and cafes, and they do a good job filtering out noise. It works best for lower frequencies such air conditioners, engines and refrigerators. Voices can still be heard, which is the same as with more expensive noise canceling headphones.

Audio Quality

For my audio quality testing, I went through the full range of the human audible spectrum (20Hz to 20kHz) to see how well balanced they are. For the tests I used Youtube videos like this.

I could clearly hear the lower frequencies (ranging from 20Hz to 100Hz), but they were a bit subdued compared to frequencies above 100Hz. I couldn’t hear any frequencies above 13KHz, but that is probably more due to my hearing than the earbuds.

I didn’t notice any distortion. The balance was good across all the frequencies with the audio firmly in the center. No swinging between left and right ears was noticed.

When I listen to music, the sound is crisp and clear. I did notice that the bass is perhaps a bit lean compared to some more expensive headphones. However it was punchy enough for me.

Size and Mobility

Due to my traveling lifestyle, my electronic gear have to be compact and lightweight. Everything have to fit into my carry on. Well, here my Remax RM-575 earbuds passes with flying colors. They literally take no space at all.

Another important criterion is mobility. As an active guy, it’s important that my gear stays in place and feel comfortable. I have used my Remax RM-575 at the gym and when I run on the treadmill. Even when I move around a lot, they stay put and doesn’t fall out like other earbuds tend to do.

Quality and Durability

On my older headphones and earbuds, the rubber shielding close to the audio jack connector often broke. It tended to crack and expose the inside wires. Sometimes the speaker hardware also fell out on lower quality gear.

Remax RM-575

So far I have not observed the above issues with my Remax RM-575.

Final Thoughts on Remax RM-575

In addition, Remax RM-575 have the standard call control button which is compatible with both Android and Apple phones. It also comes with a convenient carrying case, and replacement rubber seals.

After I bought my Remax RM-575, it got easier to work or read pretty much anywhere. For example, a few days ago I had a long plane ride from Asia to Europe, where I had to spend time at three different airports. These long trips used to be painful but now I got tons of work done while listening to my favorite tunes.

If you are looking for affordable, noise isolating earbuds that plays clear, crisp music, I highly recommend Remax RM-575 – Buy them here!

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