Pro Niche Site Review

Pro Niche Site Review

How do you define a life changing event?

When you receive your first kiss?

When you start your first real job?

Maybe your wedding or first child?

Or when you discover it’s easy to make money online?

Most people would say the first three. But I would also include the fourth. Wouldn’t it be great to have no boss and make money from the comfort of your own home? Or why not from a beach in Thailand or Latin America!

Sounds unrealistic? Not at all. This is the kind of life I and many others are living. Let me explain how you can do it too!

My Story

I have been working online for a few years now. In total I have this blog plus a few other niche sites that are generating traffic and money.

But I am not a big player. Yet. However my traffic and revenue increases months by month. So I know I am on the right path.

But like most online entrepreneurs I was struggling in the beginning. And from experience I can say that lack of information is not the issue. The real problem is information overload!

And to make matters worse, most information out there are useless scams. Just noise.

But how do you filter out that noise?

From my own experience you need to find a mentor/service that has a proven track record of making money online.

Let’s take myself as an example. I did the mistake of starting out alone and I struggled for many months. All that changed after I found a mentor that could point me in the right direction. After that my revenue started to increase.

Making money online can be easy. If you have the right tools.

How To Make Money Online

But how do you make money online? Well there are many ways but the easiest is with affiliate marketing and niche sites. In case you’ve never heard those two terms before, here is a short explanation:

  • Affiliate Marketing: You marketing someone else’s product. The standard way is to add a link pointing to their sales page and you will receive a commission for every sale generated with your link
  • Niche Site: A web site with content or products within a narrow niche. For example a web site selling only razor blades

So with the basic stuff out of the way, where’s the best source for learning the two above skills?

Enter Pro Niche Site by Kyle Trouble.

Pro Niche Site Review

Pro Niche Site consists of two parts: 6 free videos and the full course.

I recommend to first check out the free videos to get an idea what type of content you’ll get with the full course. The 6 videos are totally free and there are no obligations to buy anything after you watched them.

You can find the 6 free videos here.

Just by watching those 6 free videos, you will learn a lot about affiliate marketing and how to build a niche site.

After you’ve finished watching the 6 videos you’ve the option to purchase the full course.

The full Pro Niche Site course is a 12 weeks video series about building a profitable niche site. Each week you’ll learn a new topic and there’s some home work to complete until next weeks lesson. This means you’ll building your own niche site while watching the videos!

In addition Kyle will be available to answer questions and provide mentorship throughout the course.

All videos are narrated by Kyle and recorded in a screen share fashion. It takes you through the whole process of setting up a niche site. From selecting the niche, to writing the articles and optimizing the site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I found the information very easy to follow and with many practical examples.

Here are some of the topics the videos will cover:

  • How to select the right niche
  • Find low competition keywords
  • How to analyze your competitors
  • Web design with little or no technical background
  • How to select the right affiliate program
  • How to get to the first page of Google (SEO)
  • Promoting your site on social media
  • How to write copy that sell!

So let’s recap:

+ Comprehensive course about building a profitable niche site from the ground up

+ Kyle has a proven track record with many niche sites

+ Personal mentorship, screen sharing and 24/7 e-mail access to Kyle

+ Focusing on just one topic per week will prevent information overload

+ Attractive and affordable pricing with 30-day money back guarantee

– Kyle can unfortunately only accept a limited number of clients

Final Thoughts

I decided to write this Pro Niche Site review because I’ve received such great value from this service. I highly recommend it to everyone who is serious about achieving real independence in life. Both financial and location independence.

The price for Pro Niche Site is $197 (or 3 Payments of $77). This may seem steep for some people but trust me. It’s well invested money. For example, it’s very realistic to make $50 per months with just one niche site. Hence you’ve made the money back in just 4 months!

And if you’re not happy with the product Kyle has a 30-day money back guarantee

Kyle has opened up Pro Niche Site for new enrollments. There are limited number of people that can sign up since he wants to be personally involved with each student. And his time is limited.

You can sign up for the full Pro Niche Site course with this link.


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