Relaxed As Can Be: Cruising Toward Coron, Palawan in The Philippines

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The Philippine island of Palawan is well-known for its Edenic beauty and has even managed to snag the title of “World’s Best Island” in 2013 and 2017. So it is hardly surprising that travelers would often include Palawan on their bucket lists. The gentle sounds of the shore, the taste of fresh tropical fruit, and the visual feast of photogenic landscapes of Palawan make it an ideal place to relax. What’s even lovelier is the fact that paradise doesn’t only start once you get to Palawan. It can start right at the first step of your journey as long as travel via a cruise, that is! So what exactly makes a cruise the most relaxing way to visit Coron?

You Won’t Be Alone

One of the hallmarks of a cruise is the fact that you get to meet all sorts of different people who are also onboard. For a country like the Philippines, it isn’t all that surprising to find people who are using the cruise or a ferry for a variety of reasons. While tourists are the most common passengers, a huge chunk of those that take cruises to get to Palawan are also business travelers. In 2018, over 272,000 cruise ship passengers visited the Philippines based on the Passenger Statistics Summary of the Philippine Ports Authority. This number included international and local cruise travelers.

Some of the very best people that you can ever meet will be made while you are traveling. If you’re the sort of traveler that likes to really meet other tourists and be in the midst of life, a cruise is a good place to strike up a conversation about the upcoming destination. You can get recommendations off people who have been to Palawan before. And get a better grasp of what particular things you shouldn’t miss when you make it to port. Who knows, you might even meet people who will be staying at the same hostels or hotels on the island! Since we’re all social creatures, we tend to pick up the anxiety and negative moods of people around us. Being among fellow travelers that are just as relaxed as you are can help make the trip very enjoyable.

You’ll Have Everything You Need

Traveling by air is highly convenient but it can truly be taxing when international flights can reach over 16 hours. There isn’t a lot of legroom on airplanes. And those that travel by bus or car will need frequent pit stops to stretch or refill gas and food supplies. Naturally, a medical emergency is the last thing that you’d want to experience while traveling. On a cruise, you won’t have such issues.

You can laze about your cabin, take a stroll on the deck, or even visit the onboard food hall to address your hunger pangs. If you happen to need medicine, you can just drop on by the onboard clinic. So if you choose to go by cruise when you’re on your way to Palawan, you get to enjoy comforts that other people do not normally experience in transit.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should only bring yourself when you’re on a cruise. As a traveler, you should make sure that you carry your own medicine and a jacket since it can get pretty cold at night. What’s great about a cruise – especially a round trip one – is that all of these comforts is something that you can enjoy for the entire duration of your travel. So all you need to do is to sit back, relax, and wait until you reach your destination.

You Get To Travel Safely

Safety has always been a primary concern for everyone who travels. For those on a cruise, their safety is practically assured. One of the basic tenets of sea travel is to conduct mandatory safety drills prior to setting sail. So whether you go on a cruise that’s local to the Philippines or start from international ports, you will be made aware of how you can keep yourself and your party safe while onboard. Cabins will usually have a safety deposit box so you can keep your valuables safe while you’re enjoying the ship’s many amenities. What about your safety upon reaching the destination? The islands of Coron and Puerto Princesa are presently enjoying a 20% spike in their tourism arrivals so the local government has increased their safety protocols. For tourists and locals alike.

One of the reasons why the Philippines is an amazing place to visit is the general warmth that tourists get from locals. Filipinos are very polite and helpful – they’re also very protective of their reputation as a tourist-friendly locale so they help keep an eye out for tourists. So whether you’re on your ship or you’re enjoying one of the many islands of Palawan, you get to relax while you’re there.

You Have the Energy To Do More

Traveling is exhilarating but rather draining; particularly when you’ve been cooped up for hours on end. It’s not uncommon to set aside extra days specifically for the travel and separate days for the actual sightseeing and activities simply because the transit itself is so tiring. Not only is that going to add more to the total bill but it’s a waste of a beautiful day or two because you’re too tired to do anything else. When you’re in a naturally exquisite place like Coron, this isn’t just a waste. It’s practically a crime.

In addition, when you travel by cruise, you get to rest up and be in a general state of relaxation. After all, you don’t need to worry about much once you’re aboard the vessel. On a cruise, you can just sit back on a chaise, bask in the sea air, watch dolphins, and take a multitude of photos and videos to commemorate your trip. And once you reach Coron, you’ll be well rested and poised to tackle your itinerary. You can use your stored energy toward scuba diving at Barracuda Lake or visit underwater war-time relics like the Akutsushima. In addition, you can also go island hopping or kayak your way around the Miniloc Islands. All of which will require stamina.

You Get To Access Multiple Locations

Cruising toward Coron Island doesn’t mean that will be your only destination. Another added benefit of a cruise is that it has multiple port stops for passengers. Since Palawan has multiple islands that is accessible by ferries and cruises, you can take your pick of which one you want to visit. You can spend some time in El Nido to kayak, snorkel. Or visit one of the many natural wonders. You can choose to visit Puerto Princesa and enjoy the world-famous Underground River tour. Coron has a ton of small islands that you can visit (through the help of locals and tours) that allow you to feel that you’re in your own personal slice of tropical heaven.

A fun fact about Palawan is that Alex Garland, the author of “The Beach”, came up with the idea after spending some time there. Pristine waters, tropical climates, and fresh fruit were all conducive to creating the fictional world and eventual movie that helped further Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting career. So while you’re in Palawan, you can try to see for yourself why that place captures the hearts and minds of those that visit her.

You Get More Out Of The Experience

When you travel, you invest a lot of your time, money, and effort into the whole endeavor. So it’s important to really consider what sort of returns you get out of the experience; beyond the photos that you upload into your social media profiles. When you go on a cruise, the return of your investment is so much greater since you get start your vacation the moment you set foot aboard the ship. There are ships which have extensive entertainment and leisure options like a cinema, a spa, pools, and even several course sit-down dinner. You can even enjoy nightly entertainment from the live bands onboard. The experience of a professional cruise practically pays for itself.

And once you do reach Palawan, you can enjoy the benefits of a cruise by not having to worry about your schedule as ships have strict arrival and departure times. This gives you a more realistic timetable on what you can go see and do in Coron. Arriving on time allots more time to explore more locations like Mount Tapyas, Banana Island, and even Kayangan Lake. When you’re done with your itinerary, you can hop back aboard your cruise and unwind as you make your way back home. Not a lot of other travel options afford you the same level of returns for what you pay as a whole.

If you’re currently planning on experiencing something beyond your usual vacation and aiming to experience the bounty that Coron, Palawan has to offer, going on a cruise is a very sound idea. Not only do you get to take a breather but you save yourself from experiencing the stress that most travelers deal with. Enjoy the sea air and plan the rest of your vacation in style.

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