Testosterone Challenge was a Smashing Success!!

naturally raise testosterone

The results are in! And it was a smashing success!

Of course I am talking about my Testosterone Challenge. If you remember, a while back I wrote about my plan to naturally raise testosterone levels using NO illegal substances and NO testosterone injections. Just natural methods. Furthermore, I listed a few methods that I decided to implement for the next three months.

Why would I do this? Well having low testosterone can cause all sorts of issues. For example fatigue, depressions, weight gains and low sex drive. Yikes this is some bad stuff. Therefore it makes sense to make sure your testosterone is at healthy levels.

With that out of the way, the three months have now ended and the results are in – let me tell you it exceeded all my wildest expectations!

Before we talk about the results, let’s refresh our memory how my testosterone looked back in February:

naturally raise testosterone

As you can see, my testosterone was measured at 6.12 ng/ml, or 612 ng/dl. Healthy men have testosterone levels ranges from 280 ng/dl to 1,100 ng/dl, so 612 ng/dl is above average. And considering my age, I am very likely in the top 20% or even top 10% of all men. Not bad!

But not good enough!

These results got me thinking. I love a good challenge so why not try to raise my testosterone into the 700s?! And to make my challenge legit, I should of course do it all naturally. No illegal substances or testosterone injections allowed. Challenge accepted!

Said and done. For the next several days I dug into myriads of scientific papers and “bro-science” articles, and narrowed down some methods I decided to implement for the next three months.

The methods I decided to implement were the following:

I was not sure what would work or not, but who cares! I implemented all of them immediately and set out on my testosterone challenge journey.

When the three months ended, I did another blood test. And the result just came back:

naturally raise testosterone

My testosterone is now 7.56 ng/ml, or 756 ng/dl!

An increase of 144 ng/dl in just 3 months! Wow.

And all was done naturally. And I feel great and I definitely have more energy now compared to back in February.

So how did I make this happen? Let me explain my methods in more details.

Lift Heavy

naturally raise testosterone

This is a given. Everyone should go to the gym. This is especially important if you are over the age of 40.

But I decided to step up my game and go full beast mode. Focusing primarily on heavy lifting with compound exercises such as benchpress, deadlift, squats and the militarypress. I ended up breaking some old personal records in the process.

In addition, I had a new gym buddy that provided me extra motivation, and we pushed each other extra hard.

Finally, I stepped up my cardio to shred some bodyfat. I decided to start jogging to the gym which also saved me time. And I finished all my gym sessions with a 15 minute run on the treadmill.

Less Sugar and Alcohol

naturally raise testosterone

This was a hard one since my vices are craft beer and ice cream. But I made a deal with myself that I should stay away from these treats during the weekdays but allow some cheat days on the weekends.

It worked out pretty well, but to be honest I ended up breaking this rule quite often!

Vitamin D and Zinc

naturally raise testosterone

This is also a given. Nowadays, many people have vitamin deficits due to a bad diet. Thus eating some vitamin supplements is always a good idea.

In addition to Vitamin D and Zinc, I also consumed a multivitamin and Omega-3 on a daily basis.

Cold Showers

naturally raise testosterone

Yikes you may say. But there are some reports that claims cold showers may naturally raise testosterone levels. So how did I choose to implement this one?

After I finished showering at normal temperature, I switched off the warm water and did a few minutes with only cold water. Let me tell you it was not fun in the beginning but I got used to it.

Power Poses

naturally raise testosterone

You may ask yourself what a power pose is. Well this is a good video that claims certain poses may naturally raise testosterone. What these poses have in common, is that they display power and confidence. One example is standing straight with your hands resting on your hips.

I decided to implement this and a few others during my rest times at the gym. When I was resting between my sets I was standing or sitting in a power pose.

Testosterone Boosting Salad!

naturally raise testosterone

I usually become very hungry around 3pm every day. So instead of snacking on something unhealthy, I decided to make a salad with ingredients that may trigger the body to produce more testosterone. My testosterone boosting ingredients were: 2 slices of bacon, 2 fried egg, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and spinach. To make it less boring, I used different spices and salad dressings to make my salads taste different and delicious.

Final Thoughts

Well my plan to naturally raise testosterone was a smashing success! But did any of these methods work better than others? Well I really don’t know since I used all of them at once. Maybe this could be the topic for a future project.

However, most of them should be part of a healthy lifestyle anyway. Thus it’s worthwhile implementing at least a few of them, even if naturally raise testosterone levels is not your primary concern.

In closing, I actually decided to continue with this routine. It became not a routine for just three months. It became a routine for life!

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