How To Seduce Mexican Women (Plus my Mexican Cupid Review)

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Mexico is the 12th most populous country in the world, with over 123 million inhabitants. The country has a unique culture consisting of several ethnic groups; the mestizo (Amerindian-Spanish) account for 69% of the population, predominant Amerindian people account for 21% while the whites represent 10% of the population. The country’s culture has undergone numerous transformations over the past few years and varies widely throughout the country.

And while many Mexicans live in the cities, the rural communities play a vital role in defining the country’s vibrant economy.  Majority of Mexicans (92.7 %) speak Spanish while a small number speaks Spanish as well as indigenous languages such as Nahuatl and Mayan. Much of the Mexican culture is tied around religious values, church, family, and inclusiveness.

Another unique concept that makes Mexico unique is their blend of hot girls that represent a mix of traditional and wild. Beautiful Mexican girls are passionate, high-energy, assertive, and never afraid to express themselves. They make the best wives, especially when you respect them and consider their opinions.

So, whether you’re looking to relocate or travel for a vacation, you’ll need to have some background information to help you attract and date the most beautiful Mexican women. And while most people characterize women here as predominantly exotic, beautiful, traditional, wild, with a sexy accent, and Spanish magic, Mexico women are more interesting than you think.

Some of the traits about cute Mexican girls you probably didn’t know include;

  • They are very passionate. Normally, Mexican women are the most loving, caring, and affectionate women in the world. They are unashamed to convey their love and affection to the partners which is a good thing. Nobody doesn’t want a girlfriend with stifle affection and one who will always smoother you with love and affection. However, this attribute works perfectly until your girlfriend gets mad. Mexican women are hot-tempered and very responsive when triggered.
  • They have serious makeup skills. There is no definition of what amount of makeup a Mexican woman can wear. And while most women tend to lie in between discreet and moderate, it is not unusual to meet women with a downright clownish style in the streets. Although every one of them is unique in their own way, Mexican women have advanced skills in everything makeup. From the masterful use of a teaspoon for eyelash curling to the incredible ability to draw a perfect eyeliner line while on the move, Mexican women know it all.
  • They have a unique relationship with their mothers. Mexican women harbor psychological scars from their upbringing by their mothers. And while both men and women develop strong attachments to their mothers and families, the relationship is very different for sons and daughters. The relationship between a mother and her daughter transitions between absolute love and absolute hate with comparative ease. The closer they are, the stronger the transitions. Consider them as best friends who will from time to time have little, scary, and dramatic misunderstandings.
  • Mexican women know how to party. If there were only one word to describe Mexican women, it would have to be cheerful. They are outgoing, fun-loving, and more than willing to bust a move whenever a chance presents itself. They are extremely sociable, friendly, loud, and always in the mood for some good fun.
  • Mexican women are liberal. Young Mexican girls are known for their strong temperament and rebelliousness. This can be attributed to their Mexican upbringing which is characterized by rampant gender problems. They are assertive and never shy to freely express themselves, another reason you don’t want to annoy your Mexican girlfriend.

You Don’t Have to Be in Mexico Either

mexican women and my mexican cupid reviewWhat if I’m not in Mexico? You must be wondering. Well, you don’t have to be in Mexico to score some hot Mexican beauties.

I don’t know whether it’s because of Mexico’s proximity to the United States, but I’ve been to Mexico more times than any other destination. The country has amazing landscapes with pleasant weather in different regions. Furthermore, I enjoy the vast collection of beautiful Mexican women who are unafraid to parade their physical beauty. They are friendly and outgoing which makes it easy to meet and make new friends here.

I have a few pointers to share with you on some of the important aspects of the Mexican dating scene. And while I find it easy to meet and date sexy Mexican women, I understand how tricky it can be for first-time visitors. I would recommend using Mexican Cupid, the largest dating site in the country to start with. I still use this site to meet women, especially when I don’t feel like heading out to a nightclub to bump into sexy Mexican girls.

During my first few trips to Mexico, I made a couple of rookie mistakes. But thanks to some local friends who talked me through Mexican Cupid, that’s a thing of the past. Meeting hot women on the trips that followed was a bliss. I always signed up 2-3 weeks before planning the trip to have enough time to chat with a few Mexico beauties and plan a couple of dates.

To save you from the mistakes and hassles, I have drafted this handy guide that details everything there is on meeting and dating hot Mexican girls. Using Mexican Cupid, we’ll delve deep into how to use the Mexican Cupid to meet hot girls. I’ll also shed light on dating a Mexican woman, before culminating with helpful tips for marrying and living with a Mexican woman.

So, without further introductions, let’s slide right into it!

My Mexican Cupid Review

mexican women and my mexican cupid reviewWith a great number of users around the world, Mexican Cupid was started in 2005 by the famous Cupid Media Party Limited which runs over 30 niche online dating sites. Cupid is not only the largest Mexican dating site, but also the most secure and effective of them all. With the user-friendly interface, you can browse through the rich collection of hot Mexican girls seamlessly. The Cupid Media Party has also invested in top-notch security mechanisms by incorporating the SSL encryption system to enhance the safety of its clients’ personal and bank information.

Mexico is a diverse country with breathtaking attractions and a fairly friendly and sociable population. Mexican Cupid houses many beauties that are looking for love. And while some girls are there for short fun-filled relationships with a foreigner, there’s a greater number which is genuinely looking for love that could lead to marriage. So, whether you’re looking for a hot Mexican beauty to have fun with during your vacation, or a mature lady to date and possibly marry, Mexican Cupid is the place for you!

And while the internet houses numerous Mexican dating sites that promise to match you with the Mexican beauty of your dream, stay woke and avoid being duped. I have been scammed before, and there’s nothing good about it. Anyway, don’t be alarmed; you don’t have to go through what I did. I will help you avoid getting scammed on the internet and ensure you get value for your money.

Mexican Cupid houses a healthy mix of hot Mexican girls. Ranging from young University students to mature working-class women, and anything in between, you can be sure there’s something for you. Regardless of your taste, you’ll be able to score a good number and get a few dates as well. And although Mexicans are known to be fun-loving and outgoing, the women here are assertive and never shy to freely express themselves. They are submissive, respect their husbands, and make great mothers.

From my experience, I’d recommend you sign up on the site at least 2 weeks before leaving for Mexico. This way, you’ll be able to speak with a few women and plan dates before planning the trip.

The only thing to note about the site is that you’ll have to upgrade your membership to be able to send messages to the hot Mexican girls. And while this might not settle well with everyone, I actually found it a great way of wading off jokers.

Depending on the premium plan you want to go for and how long in advance you make the payment, membership will cost you between $6-25. Quite affordable. Right? Think about it. It’s way less than what you spend for a few drinks at the corner bar.

Pro Tip; The premium subscription is renewed automatically after expiry to ensure you’re not cut off from the benefits of your membership. You can opt out auto-renewal at any time.

Save Time and Money with Mexican Cupid

If you’re looking to head down to Mexico, I’d recommend you take advantage of Mexican Cupid to meet and date Mexican girls. The site is managed by the best company in the online dating industry, has numerous women, and has been in operation for more than a decade. What more could you want?

There are two premium membership plans to choose from; Gold and Platinum. Here are the available perks for each plan;

Basic Matching
Show Interest
Communicate with Paying Members
Communicate with all Members
Live Chat with Instant Messenger
Send and Receive Messages
No ads
Hide your Profile and Browse Anonymously
Rank Above other Members
Double your Profile Space
VIP Profile Highlighting
Exclusive Search Features
Advanced Matching Algorithms
Translate Messages into your Language

Here are advantages of using Mexico Cupid;

  • The largest Mexican dating site
  • User-friendly interface
  • Robust SSL encryption to enhance the safety of its clients
  • Thousands of active members

The disadvantages are;

  • Upgrading membership is mandatory
  • You’ll come across a few gold diggers

How to Use MexicanCupid to Meet Mexican Women

MexicanCupid promises a great time. With numerous active members, top-notch security protocol, and a proven pedigree, you can be sure of success on the site. And while this is the case, it’s not surprising to meet people that were unsuccessful, probably because of using low-quality photos and sending derogatory messages. You will need to employ a few strategies to increase your probability for success.

Here are some of the areas that I’ll focus on in this guide;

  • How to create an account on MexicanCupid
  • How to create a mind-blowing profile
  • Picking up the best photos for the profile
  • Curating the perfect first message that guarantees a positive response
  • And how to minimize risks

Registering an Account on MexicanCupid

mexican women and my mexican cupid review

If you’re looking to visit Mexico, consider registering an account on MexicanCupid 2 weeks before leaving. Signing up before this will be pointless as some girls may pull out before meeting you. Use the 2 weeks to message a good number of women and plan a few dates before you get to Mexico.

The Registration process is seamless and takes as little as 2 minutes. On you can either use your email or Facebook to complete the process. Hit the ‘View Singles’ button and enjoy the vast collection of beautiful Mexican women.

To start with, put your best photo as the profile photo. Write down a short biography and complete your profile. The more information you provide, the better.

Your Profile Photo; Your profile photo is everything in online dating. In fact, some refer it as the only thing! Most of the girls stop at the profile picture and will not bother to look into your profile. I’d recommend you go for a captivating photo that brings out who you are; one that sparks interest from the girls on the site.

Don’t forget to put up a few more photos that tell a story about yourself. Consider photos captured when you were engaging in your hobbies, such as surfing, fishing, playing a sporting event, among others.

Searching for Hot Mexican girls

mexican women and my mexican cupid reviewWhen searching for those hot Mexicans, I’d advise you go for girls who live closer to the destination you chose. For instance, filter your search to a 5 km radius within your city. Use the Advances Search Menu icon to filter your search further. The Members Online features hot Mexican women who are available to chat at any given time. You can thus be able to message a girl and get an instant message. The Matches icon, on the other hand, features a list of beautiful Mexican women the site believes will be a great match for you.

Once you come across a hot Mexican woman on the site, you can either View their Profile, send a Message, Show Interest, or Add to Favorites.

Pro Tip; Don’t forget to save your search results. You can do so in the Advanced Search Menu.

Useful Conversation Tips

The first message is certainly very important in winning the Mexican woman over and inspiring an engaging conversation. You’ll have to think out of the box, and considering the cute Mexican girl probably has loads of unread messages in her inbox, so a “Hey what’s up” won’t cut it.

So, how do you curate the perfect first message? I’ll show you how. To start with, go through her profile and pick out a thing or two you can use to start a conversation. Do you have something in common? Or do you recognize the background from which her profile photo was taken? Pick a specific thing and start a conversation tied around it.

Pro Tip; Keep your compliments short and genuine and make her feel appreciated.

By now, you have exchanged a few messages and started getting comfortable with each other, shoot your shot and ask her out. Whatever the answer, you will either cement your relationship or move on early enough and get another hot Mexican girl from the site.

Pro Tip; Ask for her WhatsApp number so you can move the conversation there.

Avoid Discussing Money

Avoid topics that revolve around money. Tread carefully when such topics come up. You can offer to order an Uber or Cabify for her.

If you have followed my guide earnestly, scoring at least 10 dates with hot Mexican women shouldn’t be a problem.

All the best with your new Mexican girlfriend(s).

Sign up here for free and start talking to beautiful Mexican women today!

Now let’s talk about some tips how to attract a Mexican woman!

Mexican Women Dating Culture

mexican women and my mexican cupid review

After you’ve exchanged banter and gotten to know each other, ask her out. If she accepts the offer, well and good, if she doesn’t, move on and get another Mexican girl from the site. For the first date, focus on knowing more about the girl. I’d recommend a posh but most importantly affordable restaurant. Agree on the venue and time early enough and make it clear that you expect her alone for the date. Dress appropriately for the date and treat her with respect. Don’t create the impression of a sex tourist.

While on the date, focus on converting the conversation into something long term. Ask about her ambitions and anything else that allows you to have a better understanding of the Mexican beauty. She might ask a few questions such as your source of income and what you do for a living. These questions are meant to shield the Mexican lady from dating down. Be sincere with the answers, confident, and maintain an interesting conversation.

By now, you’ve certainly concluded that the sexy Mexican girl is the one, and she has also ascertained you can handle her energy. Be straightforward and make it clear you’d want to spend more time with her. Though the Mexican ladies in the rural communities might be conservative and laid-back, the ones in the cities are open-minded and appreciate a confident man. So, depending on how well you gel, you might have sex after the first date or after a few dates.

Pro Tip; Pretty Mexican girls are high energy and love partying. Suggest that you hit a nightclub and dance the night away after the date.

Mexican Women Dating Tips

mexican women and my mexican cupid reviewA Mexican woman embodies everything you’d want in a woman. They are outgoing, high-energy, passionate, submissive and respectful. They possess a unique mix of sexuality and religious reservedness.

The family is very important in the Mexican society, and everything revolves around it. Mexico city women have a special bond with their mothers, and their family will always come before you. Respect your Mexican girlfriend and her family, and you’ll have yourself a great wife. That’s not much to ask. Is it?

Learn a few Spanish phrases as well as a few dance moves. Mexican babes love partying and dancing and will appreciate a man who isn’t afraid to join them on the dance floor. You don’t have to be the dance guru to win her heart, but showing the enthusiasm and willingness to learn will.

If your Mexican girlfriend asks you to accompany her to church or introduce you to her family, you can take this as an assurance of commitment and seriousness in the relationship. The family is an important aspect of your girlfriend’s life, and her parent’s approval means everything. Dress appropriately when meeting her parents and be conversant with a few of the important customs in the Mexican society; your girlfriend should help you on this one.

Sex and Intimacy in Mexican Dating Culture

mexican women and my mexican cupid reviewWhile Mexico dating culture may be seen as a bliss, it might not be as easy as it sounds. Consider you’re in a foreign country striving to learn Spanish. Anyway, with, you don’t have to be a Don Juan to enjoy your time in Mexico. And while dating varies a great deal in different places, the best thing is to appreciate that you’ll come across plenty of hits and misses and the best thing is to pick yourself up and move on.

And while the country is known to be free-spirited, Mexican females in the rural areas are quite laid back. However, those in the cities are more open-minded and influenced by the United States, being touchy in public is common. Public Displays of Affection (PDA) are common, and it’s not surprising to come across a couple holding hands in the streets and being extra close.

Living with a Mexican Woman

mexican women and my mexican cupid reviewLiving with a Mexican woman can either be seamless or hectic depending on how you treat her. In as much as single Mexican women are considered to be friendly and accommodative, they are also very liberal and won’t put up with situations they are uncomfortable with. And having lived in a country where women are treated differently, Mexican girls are looking for a foreigner who will respect and consider their opinion.

Mexican women house an amazing combination of qualities which makes them unique. They are extremely passionate, positive, loyal, and want to show you off whenever a chance comes up. They are extremely faithful and make the best wives if accorded the right respect.

Mexican girls are also very disturbed by how people perceive them. They have brilliant makeup skills and are always sensitive on how they look when going out. A Mexico babe is confident, strong-minded, and appreciate an honest man. They are appreciative of the small deeds such as sending her random texts when you are not together. To them, this means you are thinking of them even when they are away, and they’ll probably show their friends the text. So, surprise your Mexico beauty with a random text and a bunch of flowers once in a while.

Generally, living with a beautiful Mexican woman can be an amazing ride. Some of the things you’ll enjoy include;

  • Mexico chicks are outgoing and fun-loving. She will always lighten up your mood when you need it.
  • Mexico girls are great dancers and will bust a move to any beat that comes up.
  • They are incredibly passionate and will want to show you off whenever they have a chance.
  • Those sexy Mexicans are great cooks! Never decline her food as it is seen as a sign of disrespect.

Marrying A Mexican Woman

Though I have a few girlfriends of Mexican descent, I’m yet to marry one. Don’t worry though. I have numerous friends who have married beautiful Mexican women and are happily married. I’ll share insight on marrying a Mexican woman with you.

Firstly, you’ll need to complete an application obtained from the Civil Registry Office in Mexico, provide your passport and migratory form as proof of identification, a birth certificate certified by the Mexican consulate in your home country, a divorce or death certificate if previously married, and have two witnesses present.

Weddings are a great part of the Mexican culture and are associated with a number of traditions. For instance, the groom gives the bride thirteen gold coins ‘arras’ which signifies Jesus and his 12 disciples. The coins symbolize the groom’s trust for his wife with his wealth. Another Mexican wedding ritual involves El lazo or a wedding lasso which is given to both the bride and the groom as a symbol of everlasting love and unity. Other wedding traditions include La Tornaboda (wedding after-party), Mexican wedding money dance, Los padrinos y madrinas (wedding sponsors), among others.

Additional Questions About Meeting and Dating Hot Mexican Women

  • Must I verify my Mexican Cupido Profile? Not necessarily, but verifying your profile on the site raise your status on the site and inspires trust from the Mexican girls.
  • What are the ideal cities to meet Mexican girls? Some of the best cities to meet stunning, friendly Mexican singles include Mexico City, Leon, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Morelia, Puebla, among others.
  • What are some of the best Clubs to meet Mexican single ladies? Amazing nightclubs to meet hot girls include Zinco Jazz Club, Patrick Miller, Joy Room, SENS, POSH Club, Flamingos Night Club, among others.

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