How Do I Start a Blog?

how to write a blog for beginners

I’ve been blogging for a few months now. Of course I am no big-time blogger yet but I get visitors. In addition some articles start to rank high on Google.

I started blogging to share travel stories and fitness advice. In addition I wanted to improve my writing skills. I realize now that I should have started earlier but better late then never!

Blogging is a great way to share your stories to people all over the world. Internet usage increases every day and people enjoy reading blogs for entertainment purposes, motivation or receiving useful advice.

And if you’re able to reach a wide audience, blogging can also be a source of income. I personally know many bloggers that make good money sharing their stories online. Most of the money is passive which means you’ll earn it while you sleep. Who doesn’t want to live a life like that!

But now you probably ask some questions: How do I start a blog? And can I have a blog even if I know nothing about programming or web design?

The good news is that it’s very easy to get started. No programming skills are needed and the average person should have a blog up and running in a couple of days. Let me share with you the 4 easy steps I used to set up my blog. Welcome to my “how to write a blog for beginners” guide!

#1: Branding

Branding is often left out in many “how to write a blog for beginners” articles. But don’t just select any name. Do some thinking what type of message you want to communicate. And it should be something people can easily remember.

For example my brand name is “Andy Traveler”. It’s my name plus the main topic of my blog. I had a few other ideas but I thought this name would be easiest for people to remember.

#2: Hosting and Domain

You need a hosting company for your blog. They will provide the physical storage space for your blog, images, etc.

I did extensive research before I selected my hosting company and I went with Bluehost. The main reasons why I selected Bluehost were:

  • Large user base and widely known
  • 24/7 great customer service
  • Affordable. Starting from only $3.95/month
  • You get one free domain name
  • Fast and reliable

#2.1: It’s very easy to get started. First go to Bluehost and select the “Get Started Now” button.

How To Write a Blog For Beginners

#2.2: Next you’ll select your plan. I recommend to go with Basic unless you already have plans for more web sites. You can always upgrade to Plus or Pro later.

How To Write a Blog For Beginners

#2.3: Next you’ll select your domain name. You should use your brand name if it’s available.

How To Write a Blog For Beginners

#2.4: On the next screen you’ll fill in all your contact information.

How To Write a Blog For Beginners

#2.5: Ok now we’re almost finished. On this screen you’ll select the domain package options that you wish to include. Personally I only have the Domain Privacy Protection which will protect your identity when someone does a domain lookup.

After you’re finished selecting your domain package options you enter your payment information.

How To Write a Blog For Beginners

#3: Install WordPress

After you’ve signed up for hosting you need a publishing platform. Of the available options WordPress is by far the most popular platform. WordPress is very user friendly and have tons of free widgets you can use to customize your blog.

#3.1: Now go back to Bluehost and sign in with your login credentials (which should have been emailed to you) and select “Install WordPress” from the cpanel.

How To Write a Blog For Beginners

#3.2: On the next screen you’ll select your domain name from the dropdown menu and press Next. Follow the instructions on the next page and you’re finished!

How To Write a Blog For Beginners

#4 Select a Theme

After WordPress is installed you need to select a good theme. The theme will provide the design for your blog. Basically everything your visitors will see.

For my blog I am using a free theme from MH Themes. I like the simplicity, the post layout and the colors. But there are many other free themes provided by WordPress and other vendors. You can find the WordPress themes under Appearance->Themes.

In addition there are many affordable premium themes you can purchase.

Final Thoughts

Before we finish our “how to write a blog for beginners” guide we need to talk a little about content. Setting up Bluehost and WordPress is just the first step. Now you need to start creating high quality content. If you want to drive a lot of traffic to your blog, you need to offer something of value. It can be a solution to a problem, entertainment or travel guides.

From my own experience I think the best way is to provide a good mix of content. It will be quite boring if you just write “How to..” guides all the time. Sharing entertaining life stories will drive traffic too!

But what if I have no experience writing? Well I never considered myself a good writer. But with practice I think it has gotten significantly better. Two books I can highly recommend are The Adweek Copywriting Handbook and CA$HVERTISING. Those two books really helped improving my copywriting and marketing skills.

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Disclosure: Please note that affiliate links are used in this “how to write a blog for beginners” guide. Bluehost is a service I personally use and truly recommend to those wishing to start a blog of their own. No extra costs are incurred for you; the referral commission simply contributes to bringing you valuable content.



  1. I’m moving to a new city soon and I have been thinking about starting a blog about expat living there. Where did you get your “Andy Traveler” logo made?

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