The Secret How To Stay Forever Young!

how to stay forever young

How’s that for a clickbait title!?

Of course it’s not possible to stay young forever but I do believe you can easily appear younger than your real age.

Just the other day a friend posted one of those corny 10 years friend anniversaries on Facebook. Nothing out of the ordinary because that happens all the time. But he also wrote something interesting. He wrote that I look younger today compared to when we first met back in 2005. And he asked if this was due to clean living.

No doubt the answer is “yes”. Clean living is definitely part of the equation but that’s not everything. There are other things you can incorporate in your daily life to appear more youthful. Most of them are neither difficult nor expensive.

Follow along and I’ll explain how to stay forever young!

The Secret How To Stay Forever Young

It may surprise you but we actually have two ages. First is our Real Age which we have to use for official paperwork like our drivers license. Then we have our Perceived Age which is how old other people think we are. While we can’t do anything about our real age we’ve plenty of control over our perceived age.

In my opinion there are five major factors that impacts how other people perceive our age. Those are:

  1. Stress
  2. Fitness
  3. Diet
  4. Skin Care
  5. Appearance

Those five are all important and I believe it’s worthwhile to invest some time in all of them. But if you lack the time to focus on all I recommend to at least address the first three.

First let’s talk about stress which is a silent killer and one of the key secrets how to stay forever young.

#1: Stress

Stress is the number one thing you need to eliminate in your life.

It’ll ultimately lead to an early death and it’ll make you look several years older.

In my opinion the best solution for getting rid of stress is to achieve true freedom as I described in this article.

However, I am well aware that everyone won’t have the time nor the possibility to do so. If you have a family, house and car payments etc this may not be a viable solution. But there are a few other things you can do to reduce or remove stress from your life:

Create More Income Sources

Is the paycheck from your 9-5 job your only source of income? If the answer is “yes” you could be in for some major financial stress in the future. The sad reality is that you could lose your job any day. And if you lose your job in a recession it could take a long time, maybe even years, until you find a well paying job again.

The solution is to create more income sources. If one source dries up you’ll have money coming in from elsewhere. Currently I am working on my third income source and have plans for a fourth after new year. That makes my financial future pretty solid hence nothing I am worrying too much about.

So what are some good income sources? I recommend to read the articles Passive Income Ideas and Pro Niche Site Review where you’ll find plenty of great ideas.

Cut Down On Social Media

On social media everyone’s lives looks perfect. People like to brag about their flat screen purchase or their latest Hawaii vacation. And this makes most people envious or feeling bad about their own boring lives. But if you scratch the surface most people’s lives are far from perfect. In fact, many are very depressed and fake their happiness to achieve those coveted likes.

The solution: spend less time on social media!

Cut Down On News And Politics

Today we live in a polarized world. Fake news flashes before our eyes from both the left and right media, which will cause unnecessary anger and stress.

The solution: Watch less news and talk less politics. If politics is the only thing your friends talks about, well, maybe it’s time to find new friends.

#2: Fitness

Fitness is the best investment you can make. In addition to getting better health it’ll make you look several years younger. Fitness is truly one of the best ways how to stay forever young.

Here’s a list of things how fitness may impact your perceived age:

  • A low body fat percentage will make your face and body appear younger
  • A muscular build is connected with energy and youth
  • A good posture equals youthfulness and strength

First I recommend to get a gym membership. And if you’re new to fitness I also recommend to buy a few sessions with a personal trainer to avoid injury or lack of progress. But if you can’t find a personal trainer, or don’t have the budget, I recommend to try to find an experienced friend to help you out.

In addition to lifting weights I also recommend some type of cardio activity. Walking or running will be good enough for most people. But if you want something more advanced I recommend martial arts, which also will be good for your flexibility.

#3: Diet

For men, the number one thing is to make sure your testosterone levels are at an appropriate level. If you are approaching 40 you absolutely need to include this in your annual health checkup. In the past I’ve written at length about the importance of testosterone and below are some great reads what to eat in order to keep your testosterone at healthy levels:

In addition, it’s important to eat a well rounded diet. Your diet should include all the three macro nutrients: protein, carbohydrates and fat. And for carbohydrates it’s important to consume mainly complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, sweet potatoes or whole wheat products. They will better for your body compared to simple carbohydrates.

Finally you should try to avoid white rice and white bread. And try to cut down on your alcohol and sugar intake.

#4: Skincare

Another secret how to stay forever young is to take good care of your skin. Genetics of course play a big role how our skin ages but there are a few things you can do to prolong your skin’s youthfulness.

  • Be careful of the sun. The sun can do a lot of damage to your skin and in my opinion it’s best to limit your exposure to sunlight. 15 to 20 minutes of sunlight per day may be enough to get sufficient Vitamin D. In addition I recommend to get a good moisturizer with SPF. I am currently using this moisturizer .
  • Skin cream with Retinol. Sadly, most anti aging products are making bogus claims. However, I’ve used Retinol skin creams with great success in the past. Retinol is also known as Vitamin Aand is vital for the vitality of your skin. This is the best Retinol based product I’ve found.

#5: Appearance

The last topic for how to stay forever young is visual appearance. With visual appearance I mean how other people see you, for example the clothes you wear, your haircut etc, and there are many things you can do with your visual appearance to appear younger. In my opinion the below three are the most powerful ones.

  • Dress respectable. A well dressed person appears younger. With well dressed I am not talking about suiting up every time you leave the house nor am I talking about buying expensive brand clothing. You can easily build a well rounded wardrobe on a limited budget.
  • Well groomed hair and beard. With the right haircut you could appear much younger. Also having no facial hair will do the same. But if you do decide to have facial hair try to keep it well groomed at all times.
  • No glasses. My LASIK eye surgery was truly a game changer. Now I never have to wear glasses ever again. Plus I also look younger compared to older photos where I wear glasses. But if surgery is not an option try to wear contact lenses instead.


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