Cheapest Transportation from Ho Chi Minh Airport

ho chi minh airport

As I walked from the gym this morning, I passed by a taxi where I accidentally overheard a discussion. It was the taxi driver who had a heated argument with the female passenger. The woman had a large suitcase and appeared newly arrived, so I assumed she just came from Ho Chi Minh airport. The driver asked for 440,000 Vietnamese Dong for the ride. This is roughly $20 using today’s exchange rate.

$440,000 Dong?

That’s quite a bit of money here in Vietnam. For some perspective, I usually eat my daily protein-rich-post-workout meal for about 60,000 Dong. So with that kind of money, I have my lunches covered for about a week. Holy hell batman!

With the discussion still ringing in my head, I decided to help out my fellow travelers and write a guide about..

The Cheapest Way to get from Ho Chi Minh Airport

Since I arrived at Ho Chi Minh airport just a couple of weeks earlier, I know what the correct price should be. So with arms still swollen from post workout pump, I whipped out my trusted Samsung phone to check what I paid with Uber.

ho chi minh airport

I paid $91,000 Dong for my Ho Chi Minh airport trip with Uber. Wow. Just wow.

And this is not an isolated case. I have friends who overpaid too. Some massively. So you folks that will arrive at Ho Chi Minh airport, download the app before your trip. In addition keep the address of your hotel or AirBnb apartment handy, so you can easily copy it into the app.

Don’t worry about mobile services when you arrive. Ho Chi Minh airport has great WIFI. And you only need a connection when you request and wait for the driver. Not during the trip. However make sure you have enough map data downloaded on Google maps so you have a general idea where your hotel is located. This has helped me a lot in the past.

Ho Chi Minh AirportDon’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all taxi drivers are bad guys. I had some great experiences especially from Vinasun and Mai Linh. And if a driver is using the meter correctly you’ll have no issues. But why take the risk? It’s not fun to start your vacation arguing with a taxi driver about the Ho Chi Minh airport transfer fare. If there’s a disagreement with an Uber driver, you can easliy ask Uber support for a refund.

As final note, I’ve also used Uber from airports in South America and Eastern Europe with few issues. In rare cases the driver wants you to be at the departure area, but that’s usually easy to figure out.

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