Unboxing Fugashin Saigon – The Handmade Shoe From Vietnam


“Spend money on what goes between you and the ground: mattresses, shoes, tires”

Perhaps you’ve heard that old expression.

It may be old. But it’s certainly true.

In fact, shoes are one item I am never cheap about. I want my shoes to last many years. While still being stylish and comfortable to wear.

As an example let me tell you about the last pair of shoes I bought.

My Latest Shoe Purchase

I recently needed a new pair of dress shoes. After browsing an upscale mall here in Saigon, I came upon a brand called Fugashin. A shoe made in Vietnam.

Initially I was a bit skeptical. Can a dress shoe made in Vietnam rival the old powerhouses from England and Italy? But after trying on a few pairs, I became intrigued. And I decided to visit their showroom in District 3, Saigon.

The showroom had a much larger selection of shoes. And after trying several different models I decided to buy a pair of brown, Goodyear welted Derbys, which I paid $230 for. Or half what I paid for my old Allen Edmonds.

Now I have used my Fugashin shoes for over a month. And I am very happy. In fact, I am so happy that I decided these shoes are worthy of their own article. So without further ado, welcome to my Fugashin review!

Fugashin Review

Fugashin is a Vietnamese company that produces handmade luxury shoes in Saigon. They are offering a wide selection: Oxford, Derby, Goodyear and Blake to name a few.

First and foremost, Fugashin is one of only 20 shoe manufacturers world wide who can manufacture Goodyear welted shoes, a manufacturing method invented in 1869. Goodyear welted shoes is still considered one of the finest methods of shoe construction.

There are three major advantages with Goodyear welted shoes:

  • The outer stitching makes the shoe waterproof. Very little water will find it’s way into the shoe.
  • Goodyear welted shoes have a unique cork layer. Over time the cork will mold itself to the shape of your foot. Creating a perfect fit.
  • Goodyear welted shoes are much easier to resole than Blake and cemented shoes. Thus making them last longer.

Futhermore, the shoes are made of high quality leather (imported from Europe) and comes with one year of warranty.





There is nothing really flashy about the presentation. The shoes comes in a plain box without any bells and whistles. Strangely enough some people get’s upset if the presentation is not impeccable. Personally, I don’t care about that. As long as the shoes are great.

In addition to the shoes you will find a dust bag and warranty card inside.







The design is what initially got me interested in these shoes. We are talking about some very impressive workmanship here. In addition it feels extremely robust. The shoe gives the impression it will last for many years.

Below are some additional design details I have noticed:

  • Both the upper shoe and outer sole is made from high quality European leather
  • The heel is nailed and has a rubber wedge (which makes the shoes less slippery compared to full leather heels)
  • The toe cap and the quarter areas have fine handmade decorations
  • The Goodyear stitch is visible and appears to be of high quality

In addition, these shoes looks great with both formal and informal clothing. It doesn’t matter if you are donning a full suit or a button down and denim. No doubt, you will look impeccable either way.






In addition to an impeccable design, my Fugashin shoes are very comfortable to wear. The main reason for this comfort is the cork layer, which is part of the Goodyear welt. Over time, I can feel it get’s molded to my unique footprint.

In the past some cheaper shoes have given me pain in my feet. But so far my Fugashin has not.


I have worn my Fugashin shoes for about one month now. So far I can see very little wear and tear. The leather is still shiny and there are no visible scratches. The tip of the outer sole and the heel shows no major signs of deterioration.

I will update this Fugashin review over time as I learn more about the durability. But I have no doubts these shoes will last many years.

Andy’s Verdict

Thus far I am very happy with my Fugashin shoes. In my opinion they are comparable to my old Allen Edmonds, a shoe twice as expensive. Why pay more when you can get the same workmanship and quality for a lower price.

If you are interested to buy a pair of Fugashin shoes, I recommend to visit their web site at fugashin-saigon.com where you can ask about the nearest retailer. In addition you can also order shoes from their web site.

And of course, if you happen to be in Saigon you can buy them directly at their showroom in District 3.


Did you like reading my Fugashin review?

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  1. Thx Andy for posting this. Your review inspired me to swing by as I did a 36 hour transit through Saigon. Got a similar pair of goodyear welted shoes (my 1st serious pair of shoes).

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