How to Seduce Brazilian Women (Plus my Brazilcupid Review)

brazilian women and my brazilcupid review

Brazilian girls are a spectacle you can’t help noticing in the streets of this South American country. Women here are outgoing and they love to dance. Just like Cuba, Brazil is an ever-dancing country and most people associate the country with samba. In fact, there are music schools all over the country and girls are taught how to dance from a young age.

Brazilian women are naturally good-looking and have distinctively perfect skin. They do not fear the sun rays and are always eager to bask in the warm sun that’s ever present in the country. Their skin’s density and oiliness allows them to maintain a healthy outlook and will rarely develop wrinkles unless they are extremely old.

Furthermore, Brazilian girls have rich hairdos and use cosmetics extensively. They have naturally curly long hair that doesn’t require much care and styling. They like wearing flashy jewelry made from gold and silver from a young age, and if they can’t afford, they wear large bracelets made from cheaper materials but would definitely catch an eye.

Contrary to the popular belief that Brazilian women are laid-back, friendly, and easy-going, women here have so much more to offer. Some of the traits you probably never knew about the women of Brazil include the following;

  • Brazilian women are strong and open-minded. Unlike what foreigners think, Brazilian women are very comfortable especially regarding sex and their sexuality. In as much as the Brazil girl might be submissive and friendly, she won’t necessarily conform with stuff she doesn’t want.
  • Dancing is a way of life. Young Brazilian girls learn how to dance from a young age. They are full of energy and like partying a lot. Common dances in the country include Samba, Carimba, and Lambada. When dancing Lambada, for instance, Brazil women are very provocative as they swing their hips teasingly waving a piece of cloth in the air. The Brazilian Carnival is an annual festival characterized with lots of dancing and other erotic practices.
  • Brazilian women are incredibly affectionate. Indifferent to the Latin Americans, Brazilians touch each other more. Hugging is more common than you think and you’ll greet women you’ve just met with one or two cheek kisses. Embrace it. For instance, if you’re talking to a Brazilian girl you’re interested in, putting your arms around her shoulders or waist is very welcomed. And it shows you’re interested in her.
  • Brazilian girls appreciate straightforward men. Brazilian men are aggressive and will usually grab a lady’s hand or restrain her to get her attention. And while I’d not recommend this, if you’re talking to a Brazilian woman for more than 10 minutes and not directly complementing her or touching her, she might take it you’re either not interested or gay. So, go ahead and touch early, especially is she’s receptive and interested. Don’t forget to compliment her directly as well.
  • Religion and church are a huge part of their lives. The family is the basic unit in Brazilian society. The family is the first line of support if something goes wrong. Your Brazilian girlfriend thus prioritizes her family over you. And while this might sound brutal, it’s the truth. Religion is also important as 75% of the people here are Catholics.

What if you are not in Brazil?

brazilian women and my brazilcupid reviewWhat happens now that you’re not in Brazil? You must be wondering. Well, you don’t have to be in Brazil to get these beauties.

I’ve always been a fan of travelling, and South America is one of my favorite places. I’ve been to Brazil four times now, and trust me; this is one of the best countries I have ever set foot in. The country has a rich culture, amazing attractions in almost all the regions, and most importantly, beautiful, sassy Brazil women who are not afraid to showcase their physical beauty.

I have a few pointers for you on some of the important and unique aspects of dating a Brazilian woman.

For me, it’s quite easy to go out, meet a Brazilian woman, and hit it off; I’m conversant with the customs and tricks to employ. For first time visitors, I recommend signing up on BrazilCupid, the largest Brazilian dating site in the country. I also use this site to find girls, especially when I don’t feel like going out to the beach or the nightclubs to find a hot Brazilian woman.

Furthermore, I made some rookie mistakes during my first trip to the South American country, but thanks to BrazilCupid, meeting Brazilian women during the trips that followed was a bliss. I started chatting with the girls a few weeks before planning my trip. This way, I was able to strike a rapport and plan a few dates beforehand.

To save you from my predicaments and the mistakes I made, I have crafted this handy guide that elucidates everything there is about meeting and dating hot Brazilian girls. Utilizing the BrazilCupid, we’ll look into how to use the BrazilCupid to meet hot girls. I’ll also enlighten you on Brazilian dating customs, before culminating with helpful tips for marrying and living with a sexy Brazilian woman.

So, without further introductions, let’s dive into it!

My BrazilCupid Review

brazilian women and my brazilcupid reviewWith thousands of users all around the globe, BrazilCupid was founded in 2005 by the renowned Cupid Media Party Ltd which runs over 30 niche online dating sites. The Brazilian dating site is the largest of its kind in the country, promising the best of the beautiful ladies in Brazil. Furthermore, Cupid Media has invested in the most secure SSL encryption to protect the financial and personal information of all its clients.

Hence, you’ll be perfectly safe on this site.

Brazil is a beautiful country with a unique culture that sets it apart from its neighbors. BrazilCupid has a wide range of women who are either looking for short-term fun or a long-term relationship that could lead to marriage. So, whether you’re looking for a hot Brazil girl to have fun with on your 2-week vacation, or a woman to date and tie the knot with, BrazilCupid is the place!

There are numerous Brazil dating sites that promises you lots of sexy Brazilian girls but charges ridiculous amounts of money. I got duped once before I learnt about BrazilCupid, and I’m sure you don’t want to go through the same. Anyway, you don’t have to. I have everything you need to not only avoid scammers but also get the most value for your money.

The Brazilian singles on the site range from university students, working women, and anything in between. This diversity makes BrazilCupid the best dating site to get hot Brazil women. You can be sure there are a good number of girls that fit your preference. And although Brazilian girls are considered extra friendly and high-energy, they are very liberal and open-minded on sex and sexuality. They are respectful to their men, submissive, and make the best wives.

The site is recommended for foreigners who are planning to visit Brazil. I would recommend you sign up on the site 2-3 weeks before planning the trip. This way you’ll have enough time to convince a few girls and plan a few dates.

The only negative aspect is in as much as creating an account, searching for hot Brazilian women, and checking different profiles is free, you must upgrade your membership to either Gold or Platinum to send messages to the girls. And while some might find this harsh, I found it great because it wades off jokers from the site.

Depending on the premium plan you choose, you’ll pay $6-25. Quite reasonable. Don’t you think? You can only do so much less with the money.

Pro Tip; The premium subscription is renewed automatically after expiry. But you can opt out at any time.

Save Time and Money with the Brazil Cupid

Based on past experiences, I’d recommend you go for Brazil Cupid if you want to meet and date hot Brazilian women. The site is managed by one of the best companies in the online dating industry, has been around for more than a decade, and boasts the largest number of singles in Brazil. There’s nothing not to like about this amazing site.

There are two premium membership plans, Gold and Platinum. And these are the perks that are available for each plan;

Basic Matching
Show Interest
Communicate with Paying Members
Communicate with all Members
Live Chat with Instant Messenger
Send and Receive Messages
No ads
Hide your Profile and Browse Anonymously
Rank Above other Members
Double your Profile Space
VIP Profile Highlighting
Exclusive Search Features
Advanced Matching Algorithms
Translate Messages into your Language

Here are the advantages of using the Brazil Cupid;

  • The largest Brazilian dating site
  • Gold and Platinum membership are reasonably priced
  • Tight security is enforced on the site
  • User-friendly and easy to use interface

The disadvantages are;

  • Premium membership is mandatory
  • You won’t miss a few gold diggers

How to Use the Brazil Cupid to Meet Sexy Brazilian Women

Brazil Cupid is the largest and most secure Brazilian dating site. It boasts a large number of users, as well as top security protocols directed towards safeguarding the user’s information.

And while this is the case, you’ll need to be equipped with some of the strategies and tricks that will increase the probability of success on the site. Some of these strategies include sending captivating/engaging messages and uploading great photos of yourself.

In this guide, I’ll shed light on a number of areas that include;

  • How to create an account on Brazil Cupid
  • How to put up an appealing profile
  • Selecting the ideal photos for your profile
  • Curating the ideal first message that guarantees a positive response
  • And minimizing the risks

Registering an Account on Brazil Cupid

brazilian women and my brazilcupid review

If you’re planning to visit Brazil, I’d recommend you register an account on BrazilianCupid not more than 2 weeks before the trip. Signing up before that will be unnecessary and most Brazilian girls will probably bail out before meeting you. Use the time before the trip to message hot Brazilian women and plan a few dates with them.

Registering an account on Brazil Cupid is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes. You can use email or Facebook to sign up, and a hoard of Brazilian beauties will appear as soon as you hit the ‘View Singles’ button.

The first step is putting up your best photo as your profile photo. Jot down a short biography, and add more information to complete your profile.

Your Profile Photo; In online dating, your profile photo is everything. You’re as good as your profile photo, and most girls won’t even look into your profile after checking out the photo. So, make sure you put up a captivating photo that makes the girls want to know more about you. I’d recommend you use one with well-fitted clothes that brings out the sharpness in you.

Put up a few more photos that tell a story about you. I’d recommend you go for photos where you are engaging in sporting events or adventurous escapades such as mountaineering.

Searching for Beautiful Brazilian Women

brazilian women and my brazilcupid reviewFrom my experience, I found out the most resourceful Brazilian girls are the ones that live close to you. You don’t want to drive for a whole day in a foreign country just to meet a girl. Do you?  So, filter your search to hot Brazilians residing close to the destination you’ll be staying. Use the Advanced Search Menu icon to filter your search results further. The Members Online icon shows you all the members who are available for a chat while the Matches icon features hot Brazilian girls the site believes will be a great match for you.

Once you spot a hot Brazilian girl on the site, you can either View Profile, send a Message, Show Interest, or Add to Your Favorites.

Pro Tip; Remember to save your search results; they will be resourceful in the Advanced Search Menu.

Useful Conversation Tips

The first message is the most important in getting the hot Brazilian girl’s attention and luring her into a conversation. You have to be creative and different knowing the girl probably has dozens of unread messages in her inbox. So, how do you go about curating a captivating first message?

Start with going through her profile, carefully fishing on interesting things you can start a conversation with. Do you guys have something in common? Do you recognize the restaurant where her profile photo was taken from?… Pick one specific thing, tell her you enjoy it and compliment her genuinely.

Pro Tip; Be short and genuine with the compliments and don’t come out as a regular sex tourist with lengthy and unrealistic compliments.

Once both of you have engaged each other well and feel comfortable, ask her out. Brazilian girls are liberal and appreciate a man who is confident and bold.

Pro Tip; Ask for her WhatsApp number so you can move the conversation there.

Avoid Discussing Money

Avoid introducing topics that revolve around money. Tread carefully when the topic comes up. However, it’s totally fine to order an Uber or 99 Taxis for her.

If you have followed my guide earnestly, getting 10 dates with hot Brazilian women should be a bliss.

All the best with your Brazilian babe(s).

Sign up here for free and start talking to hot Brazilian women before you plan the trip!

Dating Brazilian Women From Cupid

brazilian women and my brazilcupid review

After you’ve exchanged a few messages and started to get along, ask her out. If she declines, move on and get another Brazilian girl from the site. Once you get a date, I’d recommend a posh and affordable restaurant. Make it clear you except her only and don’t allow her to change the venue after you’ve already agreed on one. Dress appropriately and treat her with respect.

While at it, focus on converting the date into something long-term. Maintain engaging conversations and be confident. Brazilian ladies are high energy and will leave you faster than you think if you don’t keep up. If the Brazilian beauty has been receptive and gotten friendly throughout the conversation, go for a kiss. Brazil girls like bold and dominant men.

By now, you’ve certainly come to the conclusion the Brazilian woman likes you and she knows you can handle her energy. Brasilian women are very comfortable with sex and their sexuality, and if you guys hit it off, you might have sex on the first date or after a few dates.

Pro Tip; Brazil women are outgoing. So a dinner or a movie won’t cut it. Suggest you go to the club after the second date and dance the night away.

More Tips for Dating a Brazilian Woman

dating Brazilian womenA Brazilian woman is the real definition of an all-rounded wife. They are high-energy and outgoing but also submissive and respectful to their husbands. Religion and family are important aspects of their society and what guides their conduct. However, don’t use this advantage to be mean and disrespect them; pretty Brazilian girls are liberal and won’t necessarily conform with stuff they don’t want.

Apart from learning a few phrases in Portuguese, learn a few dance moves to keep up with her. Dancing is a way of life in Brazil and girls learn how to dance from a young age. If you know how to dance, well and good, but if you don’t, just show up and show the willingness to learn; she’ll love it for sure.

If your Brazilian girlfriend asks you to accompany her to church or offers to introduce you to her family, you can take this as a show of seriousness in the relationship. The family is very important, and her parent’s approval means everything. Dress appropriately and liaise with your girlfriend to understand the do’s and dont’s when meeting her parents.

Sex and Intimacy in Brazilian Dating Culture

While Brazil’s beautiful women are a spectacle that makes the country an ideal destination to vacation, dating a Brazilian girl might not be as rosy as you think, considering you’re in a different country striving to learn a few Portuguese words. However, you don’t have to be the El Chapo of charm to enjoy your time in this South American country. You’ll face rejection in some instances, and that’s just the reality of life. The best thing is to move on and focus on the possibilities.

Unlike Latin Americans, Brazilians are extra touchy in public. Hugging is more common than you think, and you’ll greet women you’ve just met with one or two cheek kisses. You’ll also not walk for long before spotting a duo making out in public. When you’re talking to a woman, the best way to show you’re interested is to have your arms around her waist or shoulders. Public Displays of Affection are common and very important in a relationship.

Living with A Brazilian Woman

dating Brazilian womenLiving with a Brazilian woman can be a bliss or hectic depending on how you treat her. Brazilian women have lived in a society that makes them feel belittled and are thus looking for a foreign man who will respect them and consider their opinions.

Cute Brazilian girls are well-rounded and a great time. They are well educated, and they love learning more about the world. More than a pretty girl to have in your arm, Brazil girls are true life companions. Sao Paulo women know the true value of loyalty and are extremely faithful; just be faithful to your Brazilian girlfriend, and she’s yours forever.

Brazilian ladies are also very concerned about their appearance. They enjoy applying make-up and letting their thick curly hair long. They are very confident and don’t need external validation. So, why not surprise her with her favorite make up kit; She’ll be clinging on you as you show her off to your friends. Who doesn’t want that?

In general, living with a Brazilian woman can be a great experience. Some of the perks you’ll enjoy include;

  • The women of Brazil are great dancers. Dancing is a way of life, and Rio girls learn how to dance from a young age.
  • They are very friendly and outgoing. A Brazilian girlfriend will always lighten your mood regardless of the situation.
  • Rio de Janeiro women are very comfortable with sex and their sexuality. They are great in bed and open to trying new things.

Marrying A Brazilian Woman

Though I’ve dated with a number of sexy Brazil girls during my vacations, I’m yet to marry one; I’m considering it though. However, I have a couple of friends and colleagues from work that are happily married to a Brazil woman. I’ll share with you some of the insights on marrying a Brazilian woman.

To start with, you will have to have the following documents to marry a Brazil woman; a copy of your passport certified by the registry office, your birth certificate certified by a Brazilian consulate in your home country, a Declaration of Civil Status issued by your country’s Embassy in Brazil, and a divorce or death certificate if previously married.

Before marrying your Brazilian girlfriend, you’ll need to pay the parents dowry whose amount will be dependent on factors such as the age, whether or not the woman has kids and your financial capability. The Brazil wedding ceremony is the most serious facet of the country’s bridal tradition. It begins with a civil ceremony where the bride and the groom together with a magistrate make the marriage official -the bride and groom then part ways to prepare for the Brazilian wedding.

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Additional Questions About Meeting and Dating Hot Brazilian Girls

  • Must I verify my Brazilian Cupid Profile? While it’s not a must, verifying your profile on the site offers assurance and sparks trust from the sexy Brazilian girls.
  • What are the ideal cities to meet beautiful Brazilian girls? Some of the best cities in Brazil to meet stunning, friendly women include Belo Horizonte, Natal, Salvador, and Sao Paulo. But my favorites are the Rio de Janeiro women.
  • What are some of the best Clubs to meet the hottest Brazilian women? Amazing nightclubs to meet hot girls include Casa 92, Bar Secreto, D. Edge, Fosfobox, Casa Rosa, Club Six, among others.

Sign up here for free and start talking to beautiful Brazilian women before you plan the trip!


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