Best Travel Gear 2017

Best Travel Gear 2017

I have to confess. Traveling is kinda boring.

Don’t get me wrong. I love visiting countries and learning about new cultures but getting from point A to point B is just painful. Long plane rides and boring layovers are not very fun.

But there are few things you can do to ease the pain of traveling. First I would recommend bringing a good book. Traveling is a great opportunity to catch up on your reading and it’ll make the time go faster.

But a book is not the only thing you can do to spice up your traveling. Below you’ll find other necessary travel items that helped make my trips more enjoyable.

Best Travel Gear 2017

Noise Cancellation Headphones

Among my best travel gear is my pair of noise isolation earbuds. Airports, airplanes, buses and trains are noisy environments. When I travel I prefer to sleep or work hence I need a quiet environment.

I own a pair of Remax RM-575 noise isolation earbuds which I’ve previously written about here. They do an excellent job with isolating noise and are very comfortable to wear. And they are very affordable. I highly recommend them.

Best Travel Gear 2017

For even better noise reduction I recommend to get headphones with active noise cancellation. I previously owned these Bose headphones which I highly recommend.

Best Travel Gear 2017

Sleep Aid Accessories

Sleeping makes the plane, bus and train ride go by faster. In addition you can use sleeping as a tool for adjusting to a new timezone. Hence easing the pain of jetlag.

But sleeping in a noisy and uncomfortable environment is not easy. Using my noise isolating earbuds helps to reduce the noise. In addition I have a plane pillow and sleep mask which are great tools to help me sleep better when I travel.

Best Travel Gear 2017

I am not a big fan of supplements but I sometimes do use Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that exists naturally in our bodies. It’s produced when the body feel we’re ready to sleep. Taking it as a supplement (in low doses) helps me to fall asleep fast. It’s also a great tool when you need to adapt fast to a new timezone.

Suitcases and Luggage Accessories

If you travel a lot you’re well aware of the weight limits the airlines have for our luggage. Sometimes it’s as low as 20kg (44lbs). That’s not a lot especially when you’re going on a longer trip. Or if you’re a digital nomad like myself that need to carry around all your belongings.

Because of that I’m only buying super lightweight suitcases. That way I can fit more things and not worry about paying extra fees.

When I traveled with carry-on luggage only I had this suitcase. It’s very sturdy and still in great shape after one year of heavy traveling. After my belongings grew too much for my carry on I invested in a larger lightweight suitcase. I’ve owned this suitcase for 6 months now and very happy with it.

Best Travel Gear 2017

In addition it’s a good idea to own a luggage scale to make sure you’re under the weight limit before you arrive at the airport. In the past I sometimes had to repack or pay extra fees just because I was over the limit. I recommend this scale.

Best Travel Gear 2017

You’ll also need a good luggage tag to minimize the risk that your suitcase gets lost. Cheap luggage tags sometimes fall off so invest in a high quality brand like this one.

Finally I also recommend to print a one page paper with your name, address, phone number and e-mail and put it on top of everything in your suitcase. That’s an extra layer of safety in case the luggage tag happen to be ripped off.

Phone and Laptop Accessories

A high quality powerbank is definitely one of my best travel gear. You should own one too. As your phone gets older the battery won’t even last one day. And sometimes when traveling it’s difficult to find a wallplug to charge it. I have this powerbank which has been a trusted road warrior.

Best Travel Gear 2017

And you’re probably aware that wallplugs are different around the globe. It’s worthwhile to invest in a good universal wallplug converter like this one.

Finally I like taking photos for my Instagram but I travel alone which sometimes makes it difficult to take good photos. Most of the time I ask fellow travelers but often there’s nobody around. To get around this issue I bought a tripod for my phone.

Safety and Health Accessories

Travelling the globe today is generally safe unless you plan to visit a war zone. That being said petty crimes and scams are common especially in developing countries. Thinking about your safety and health is important for a worry free trip.

First everyone should get a hidden money and passport pocket. With my hidden pocket I can carry around valuables without worry about losing them. I recommend this hidden pocket.

Best Travel Gear 2017

If you plan to use public WiFi I recommend to get a good VPN to protect against identity theft. It’ll also prevent you from being locked out from your online bank.

Priority Pass Membership

The last of the necessary travel items is my Priority Pass membership. Priority Pass gives you access to about one thousand airport lounges around the world and it has helped me immensely to survive long layovers. In the lounges I can shower, enjoy the complimentary food and drinks or just rest in a quiet environment. Far away from the craziness at the gate.

If you travel a lot the savings for the airport food will pay for the membership alone!

You can sign up for Priority Pass here.

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it. In my opinion those items are my best travel gear 2017. Of course I have much more stuff but those are the necessary travel items that I never leave home without.

I’l keep updating this article if I find more useful gear later in the year.

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  1. Great list of travel gear! I never travel without a neck pillow and a sleeping mask. I feel like I should really invest in some noise cancelling headphones, though. Those earbuds looks really interesting, I’m not a big fan of the big, chunky headphones.

    Thanks for sharing!
    x, Juliet

    • Thanks Juliet. Agree on the neck pillow and sleeping mask. I just had rough two lay over trip between Kiev and Cebu. Those two items made my trip much more bearable. Plus my Priority Pass of course!

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