The Best Jakarta Nightlife In 2019

Jakarta Nightlife

Jakarta is usually not on peoples radar.

Sightseeing-wise the city is a bit dull. And though the food is excellent, it’s not as famous compared to the Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.

But if you ask the average visitor or expat what they like about Jakarta, many will say the nightlife – An answer which doesn’t surprise me. In my opinion the Jakarta nightlife is one of the best in South East Asia. Rivaling the more known party hotspots in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to visit Jakarta. After checking in to my hotel I visited the excellent Grand Indonesia Mall for some shopping and dinner. Later on I met up with a friend who is a real authority of the Jakarta nightlife. We ended up having a crazy weekend where we visited all the hottest bars and clubs in town. Truly a great experience.

But which clubs and bars are worth checking out in 2019? Well I think I may be able to help you with some intel. And to help my fellow party goer I’ve decided to write an article about the best Jakarta nightlife in 2019.


The Best Jakarta Nightlife In 2019

First and foremost, be prepared that it’ll take some time to travel between the different clubs. The Jakarta traffic is terrible throughout the day and the clubs are pretty spread out. You’ll need to take that into consideration, especially if you have table reservations.

In addition, drinks and cover charges in Jakarta is more expensive compared to other cities in South East Asia. Be prepared to spend more than on an average night out in places like Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City.

Finally, be aware Indonesians like to smoke, hence most clubs and bars will be smoky. And smoke is not the only thing you’ll need to worry about. My trusted blazer returned home with a cigarette burn in it!


Loewy is a stylish bistro located on the ground floor of the Oakwood Premier Cozmo, Mega Kuningan. It describes itself as a “Paris bistro meets New York loft in the 1940’s“ with a modern twist. The food and drinks here are excellent.

In my opinion Loewy is one of the best places for dinner and chilling with your friends before your night out.

Jakarta Nightlife


Basque is nicely decorated Spanish restaurant and bar located on the 8th floor of Noble House, Mega Kuningan. Located next to Loewy, it’s spacious with a nice atmosphere and has a big bar in the center of the restaurant.

Together with Loewy, Basque is the perfect place to have dinner and drinks before the night out.

Jakarta Nightlife


Open for 12 years and still one of the hottest clubs in Jakarta. Dragonfly is located just a short ride from Loewy and has a crowded dancefloor playing good music. The crowd consists mostly of expats and well off Jakartans.

Since the drinks here are expensive it may makes sense to reserve a table and buy a bottle. In particular if you’re part of a big group. In addition, be aware that Dragonfly enforces a strict dresscode. Dress well.

Jakarta Nightlife


The Jakarta classic. Immigrant is a decent sized club located in the Thamrin neighborhood, just north of the Grand Indonesia mall. The club is in a bit of decline but still a good place to visit. I was here on a Saturday and had a very good time.

Immigrant is very popular with the expat community. And if you’re a single guy this is the best place to meet local girls. But be aware that Immigrant will have a few working girls, though not nearly as bad as some clubs in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City.

Jakarta Nightlife


Newly opened lounge club located on Senopati Raya. Savoi have three floors where the first is for private events. The second floor houses the main lounge featuring a DJ area and bar. The Mezzanine floor is on the top floor, featuring a bar and seating areas. During my visit, the second floor was crowded while the third floor was more quit and chill.

The clientele appears to be mostly well of Jakartans. Few foreigners seem to visit Savoi. In fact I don’t remember seeing any westerners at all on my night here.

Jakarta Nightlife

Bonus: Dresscode

When I go out in South East Asia I usually dress what I define as smart casual: dark denim jeans, dress shoes and either a button down shirt or V-neck T-shirt. For some high end places it may be appropriate to wear a blazer to fit in. The blazer I have is similar to this one.


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